Jade Green: A Ghost Story
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor



Superstitions are powerful even if they mean everything to one person and nothing to another. Some cultures take superstitions very seriously, others do not. They were created to handle situations due to ignorance and fear of the unknown. But, what if superstitions were actually real?

Some superstitions were written to predict happiness. Yet, most superstitions were written to explain odd occurrences with sickness, death or ghosts. If superstitions were true, wouldn’t that validate the existence of spirits? Superstition is a two-way street.

People abide by superstitions because they fear what might happen if they break tradition. Other people ignore superstition because they fear acknowledging the possibility that maybe, just maybe, these superstitions validate the Supernatural: a world of ghosts.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, profound author of the Shiloh series, emphasized a specific superstition through her novel, Jade Green: A Ghost Story. Jade Green: A Ghost Story entails the possibility of what may happen if a superstition is ignored. Naylor’s beautiful descriptions create a vivid world of terrifying suspense.

During the 1880s, there was an old superstition floating around the South Carolinian town of Whispers—an old superstition rumored true. Fifteen-year-old Judith Sparrow, recently orphaned, gains the privilege to live with her paternal uncle in Whispers, South Carolina.

Uncle Geoffrey, a mysterious, yet sweet, older man, gives her one rule to follow: Anything with the color green is prohibited in the household. Unaware of the recent happenings in Whispers, Judith disobeys her uncle and brings the only decent portrait of her mother. This portrait evidently had an exquisite gold frame with green patterns embedded into it. She simply could not leave it. Because of her ignorance and disobedience, she accidentally reawakens Jade Green—the girl who supposedly committed suicide in Uncle Geoffrey’s house three years prior.

During Judith’s stay, she meets her cousin, Charles, and Zeke—the miller’s son. Charles, like his father, is a man of mystery. He is also a man Judith learns to stay away from. Nothing good comes from him.

The first time she feels Jade’s presence, she thinks she is going crazy. Ghosts do not exist, do they? Wrong! Ghosts certainly do exist, especially within the little town of Whispers, South Carolina.

As the story unfolds, Judith and Zeke become a romantic item and confide in one another. She eventually tells him about her recent illusions and at first, he isn’t very open; not until he and Judith are almost slaughtered by a floating hand. Judith and Zeke discover mysteries upon mysteries as they uncover the truth behind Jade Green’s death.

Jade Green came back with a vengeance and she won’t stop until justice is served. Find out more on the mystery of Jade Green and why humans should not ignore superstitions. You will not regret reading Jade Green: A Ghost Story because you won’t see what’s coming.ImageGoogle Images


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