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The Beastie Survival Guide


Have you ever watched a show and absolutely could not wait until the next week’s airing? What about when it comes to the either a two-week hiatus or even a winter/summer season break? Don’t you just hate those? I certainly do. In case you haven’t figured it out, though I’ve made it quite obvious in my last two articles concerning CW’s Beauty and the Beast, I am 100% in love with BatB! In fact, I have never seen a show where I’ve been completely obsessed with. That is, until Beauty and the Beast premiered in October, 2012.

I thought I was going to go into rehab when the two-week break for Thanksgiving came about—especially since the place where I was going DID NOT HAVE INTERNET CONNECTIONS! Talk about pure torture! So, because of my panic attack during the Thanksgiving season, and yes, the show does have that effect on me, I’ve developed a BatB Survival Plan so I can always have the show in my life at all times—wifi or no wifi.

Now, I’m going to share my survival secrets so fellow Beasties can survive the two-week hiatus coming up after tonight’s episode, “Tough Love.”

  1. Get a Twitter Account and Trend #BatB every day.

Yes. I did say every day. My reasoning for trending BatB every day is simple. The more you trend, the more other Beasties will notice you! When I first got a Twitter account, as I mentioned in my previous article, I did not trend as much. Therefore, I did not see the sacredness of Twitter right away. After getting involved with more trending, I started meeting other Beasties from ALL OVER THE WORLD! That’s right. ALL OVER THE WORLD! Trending is not only important on a personal level but it is also very important for the BatB cast and crew. The more you trend, the more ratings the television show receives because other people, a.k.a. your local friends, might invest time in watching BatB because he or she sees you trending it all of the time. Trust me #BatB trending is SUPER IMPORTANT! Aside from the advertising of the show, the cast and crew take time (when they have it) to live-tweet during the show’s airing on Thursdays. They may not answer every question thrown at them but they are good at responding to the fan-base. (The Twitter account usernames of the BatB cast and crew can be found here:

     2.  FanFiction

I know it sounds a little nerdy to include FanFiction on this list but, needless to say, there is a major reason I added it on here. During the 6-week long dreadful BatB mid-season break, FanFiction, upon other methods, helped me survive the break. Despite the fact I’ve been an avid member of for almost 8 years, I found reading as well as writing Beauty and the Beast FanFiction not only entertaining but also time-filling. There are many talented BatB FanFiction writers out there and I think each and every one of you should invest your time reading them! Here are a few FanFiction usernames I suggest you look into:

Keiko Fujiwara (me)

E.B. Cameron





Of course there are other wonderful writers but these were a few you can get started on! 😀

It astonishes me how creative these different writers are and I find that the show itself is the collective muse of every FanFiction BatB Writer.

  3.  Buy the Season Pass of Beauty and the Beast on iTunes

During the winter break, I constantly re-watched the BatB episodes on iTunes after buying them for $20! Buying this series was completely and totally worth it! A few hours after the episode airs on Thursdays, it automatically downloads to my computer—allowing me to have it FOREVER! Because I own the season pass, I can watch every episode, thus far, over and over again. I cannot tell you how much I’ve seen “Bridesmaid Up!” If I had to guess, I probably re-watched the episode at least 40 to 50 times.

If for some reason you live in a place where iTunes is not available, you can always re-watch the episodes on the CW. Granted, the CW only provides five episodes at a time but still, you will be able to re-watch the episodes if need be. You can re-watch recent episodes here:

  4.  Last but not least…

Share your passion with your friends! If you get more BatB recruiters, you can all enjoy the show together!

  5.  On further note:

The BatB crew has just released a website dedicated to the BatB fanbase:


Make sure to get your BatB stickers on GetGlue to further support the series!!! J

Watch CW’s Beauty and the Beast TONIGHT @ 9/8 c! This will be an episode you WILL DEFINITELY want to re-watch!!!


ALL CW SHOWS will have a two-week hiatus.

BatB will resume on March 14th with ALL NEW EPISODES!

Now you can share this Beastie Survival Guide with other fellow Beasties!


2 thoughts on “The Beastie Survival Guide

  1. Loved ur article and can totally relate to ur obsession. Its crazy how invested we become and the escapasism is a welcome relief from the real world neuroses. In my humble opinion, of course. *smiley face*

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