The Effects of Tough Love


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The Effects of “Tough Love”

Written by: WriterFreak001





After last week’s episode, “Trust No One,” I am very sure almost every Beastie was disappointed in Heather’s (Nicole Anderson) timely intrusion when Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) were about to kiss. Me? I honestly couldn’t have thought of a better way to delay the much-awaited VinCat kiss! It was bound for Heather to walk in on them at some point during the series and even though the Beasties did not get their VinCat kiss last Thursday, I can definitely say that the mighty proud Beastie family is grateful that the writers put off the kiss for another week.

Last night’s episode was…breathtaking. I don’t think I ever blinked during the entire episode (aside from commercials of course). I thought it was interesting how natural Vincent was when he shook Darius’s hand at the beginning of the episode, considering his lack of human interaction for the past ten years. It just proves how much he wants to be normal even though, in reality, he can’t.

I’ll have you know that my tear ducts are broken. Whenever a sad event happens on a movie or a TV show, I simply stare at the screen as if nothing is happening. Yet, while watching last night’s episode of Beauty and the Beast, my tear ducts temporarily mended themselves and produced foreign tears down my cheeks. Trust me, it takes A LOT of catharsis to emotionally move me and the BatB writers did just that.

I felt sorry for Vincent for killing Darius. I’m sure this action will emotionally as well as psychologically affect him later in the series. I just hope he can lean on Catherine for emotional support if he needs it. I also felt sorry for Joe. I cannot fathom ever losing my older brother no matter how much of an ass he seems to be.

Needless to say, the CW writers gave me a lot of I-felt-sorry-for moments. I’m sure they gave you the same sympathetic feelings as well.

Thumbs up to Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk, Austin Basis, Max Brown, Brian White, Nina Lisandrello and Nicole Anderson for giving the Beasties the best episode yet! It was TRULY wonderful!

Now….onto the aftermath of the episode….

First of all, I literally re-watched the kissing scene five times last night! Four of the times I simply rewound the section over and over again right after the episode ended and then the fifth was when I decided to re-watch the ENTIRE episode on the bigger screen of the house around midnight. Never have I ever seen a show where I wanted to continue to rewind a specific section in order to re-see it again. NEVER!

Here is another reason why the BatB cast and crew should pat themselves on their backs:

After watching the end of “Tough Love” four times in a row, I went downstairs to take my medicine. Little did I know that I was skipping into the kitchen like a 13 year old teenage girl who spoke to her crush for the first time. It was completely hilarious! Here I was discovering many new ballerina moves I didn’t even know my anti-flexible body can do after watching ONE show! ONE! What a crazy effect, right? I don’t remember the last time I ever felt so giddy. Oh. Wait. That’s right. I felt giddy after “Trust No One” as well. What can I say? CW’s Beauty and the Beast just has that kind of effect on me.

Then, when I finally decided to go to bed, I had a hard time sleeping, at first, because ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT was the “Tough Love” episode! Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not mad! I would never be mad with Beauty and the Beast. In fact, I’d say it is an accomplishment on their part! I’m sure other Beasties would agree. 🙂

Thirdly, right after I woke up this morning to this very moment, all I could ever think about is how perfect that kiss between Vincent and Catherine is. PERFECT! There I said it! I said what all other Beastie-Hopeless-Romantics would have said too! Vincent and Catherine’s kiss was absolutely and irrevocably perfect! I am so glad Heather, as well as JT, interrupted them from before because there was no way their kiss would have been so flawless! Beauty and the Beast, in my opinion, gave the Beasties the best Hollywoodized, or rather “Torontorized,” passionate kiss in television history. Congratulations to Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk for having such great…no…FANTASTIC chemistry together. ^_^

The show would not be the same without them!

If the symptoms of Beastiephilia weren’t in the works before, they most definitely are now.

Watch Beauty and the Beast on Thursday nights @ 9/8 c. on the CW. The next episode, “Any Means Possible,” will return on March 14th, 2013. Embrace your inner Beastie as you enjoy this mini break! Use this time to get other people hooked on BatB. 🙂


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