JT Forbes—Best Friend Material


JT Forbes—Best Friend Material

Written by: WriterFreak001

Please note I am not a professional writer.


Best friends.

What would you say qualifies a person to be your best friend?

Well, I am certainly not God so I cannot provide 100% accurate answers since this is a relative question anyway BUT I can give you some personal insight on whom a typical “best friend” should model after.

The answer is simple:

If a person really wants to know what “Best Friend Material” is, he or she should model after JT Forbes (Austin Basis) from CW’s Beauty and the Beast.

So what does this mean exactly?

Well, for starters, if you don’t know who JT Forbes is, I suggest you get on that and WATCH BEAUTY AND THE BEAST because, in my highest opinion, BatB is the BEST NEW TV DRAMA of all time! I mean, hell, the show didn’t win the PCA by a margin of 10 million votes for nothing, right?

I’m not saying you should make a “Best Friend Qualification List” and hold auditions to see if anyone matches a similar personality to that of JT Forbes BUT I do encourage you to compare JT’s “Best Friend-iness” to your own. What things can YOU do as a BFF?

Because I believe JT Forbes is an EXTREMELY important supporting character, this is what I think we could ALL do to be more of a best friend like him:

~Be there.

JT Forbes, best friend of Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) is always there for Vincent. If Vincent gets into trouble (when it comes to techy stuff concerning facial recognition and all that jazz), JT goes out of his way to ensure Vincent’s face does not end up on Muirfield’s radar.

You never know if your best friend needs a shoulder to cry on or a venting-buddy. In either case, just be there for him or her. That’s all he or she mostly asks for.

~Be prepared

JT Forbes is almost always prepared to execute the evacuation plan if Vincent ever gets into trouble. He’s prepared to drop his life and leave with Vincent in order to ensure his safety.

In life, you never know which bombs in the sand you might step on. You may go to school or work one day and find out your best friend is in some serious doo-doo. In this case, it is always a good idea to expect the unexpected. If your best friend needs help, be prepared to help him or her upon your discretion. Just be prepared for ANYTHING.

~Be Supportive

On Beauty and the Beast, JT always has Vincent’s back. Sure, he might not always agree with Vincent’s rash decisions, but he always has a bottle of TUMS handy and is ready to handle the bad news (well, mostly bad news) as it comes.

Surprisingly, in Episode 6, “Worth,” JT is the one who encourages Vincent to tell Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) how he feels. Although he may not like Catherine at the beginning of the series, he slowly warms up to her because he realizes just how important she is to Vincent. Knowing this, JT is willing to support Vincent’s “cat-addiction” as long as he has a fresh stash of TUMS in the cabinet. ^_^

So, like JT, you should support your best friend’s decisions. If he or she wants to move to Montana to get away from the craziness of New York City, so be it. Support them and let them know you’ll always be there for them via call/IM/Email/Skype/Facebook/Twitter or in Vincent’s case, encrypted letters/burner phones.

~Be Stern

Although JT supports Vincent in most of his decisions, he has to put his foot down every once in a while. When Vincent temporarily sails away from Catherine in episodes 10, 11 and 12, JT reprimands him. Sure, JT knew Vincent had to take this personal detour to figure out where Alex stood in his life but that didn’t mean he couldn’t take Catherine’s side on the matter. JT is a compassionate friend to Vincent and obviously cares for Catherine like a sister (since she’s always hanging out in the man-cave). He knows where the lines must be drawn as a best friend and, at times, he has to be stern with Vincent to get his point across.

So, if ever your best friend crosses a certain line, let him or her know about it. But, whatever you do, don’t shout at your best friend using your loudest decibel. Just casually let him or her know about his or her faults so he or she can better themselves and/or reflect on what he or she has done.  (Boy, that was a mouthful!)

~Most of all; Be YOURSELF

Off all of the crap JT has to deal with when it comes to Vincent (and I say that in a kind way ^_^), he continues to remain as himself. There’s no lying or pretending to be someone he’s not. He’s completely honest with Vincent and lets him have it every once in a while. As Beasties, we all love JT. He is the comic relief of the show (for the most part) and gives us all a good laugh even when the series starts to enter into its darker plotline. JT doesn’t have to pretend to be someone around Vincent. He just…well, as Vincent stated in episode 2, “Proceed With Caution,” “JT is JT.”

No one likes a fake friend by any means. Be yourself around your best friend as well as your friends. The best part of knowing someone is their true character.

Now that I’ve gotten my point across, I must go since I have to leave for home in two minutes.

Soooooo…..As Austin Basis would say: “May the FORBES be with you!”

And I would mentally shout: “AND ALSO WITH YOU!!!!”

^_^ Bye!

You can watch Beauty and the Beast on Thursday nights @ 9/8c. on the CW! Airing returns March 14th with ALL NEW EPISODES!!!! 🙂


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