Brutally Intense



Brutally Intense



Just five minutes ago, I finished watching CW’s Beauty and the Beast and would like to say ONE MAJOR THING:

THAT WAS SOOOOO FREAKING INTENSE!!!!!! Hell, the word, ‘intense’ doesn’t even describe this episode!!! XD

Of course, after watching the previews for “Partners in Crime,” I knew the episode was going to be testing the waters (no pun intended) between Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) but who knew this episode was going to be filled with so much action? And Muirfield wasn’t even a part of the ride this time!

Not only were there great kick-ass scenes but also hilarious JT (Austin Basis) moments as well as romantic VinCat moments! By far, “Partners in Crime” has been JT Forbes’s BEST episode yet!!!! Not only does he have the best lines (like in every OTHER BatB episode) but he ALSO gets to shoot Tess with the tranq-gun. For a guy who lives…ahem…lived in a dusty warehouse (teardrop), he has fairly accurate aim! I wonder if JT was a gang member during his youth…that would explain his BEASTLY aim! Either that or, he must have to practice shooting mannequins during his free time. How else would he have been so prepared during episode 7 “Out of Control”? Who knows, maybe Vincent was also a part of that gang too. Then they would have DEFINITELY been from “da hood”.

I loved how JT mentioned Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because, as Beasties know, BatBNews travels FAST! Evan (Max Brown) gave JT a weird look as if he has never heard of these modern social networks before. That is too PRICELESS—especially considering the fact that our beloved Briton does not have a Twitter. Austin Basis has confirmed that Max Brown has no intentions of joining social media. 😦 If he has a Facebook or even any other social media site, please let me know!!!

When JT said something along the lines of Evan joining the “evil arches,” I laughed seriously hard. Now, I don’t know if there was an intended double meaning to that phrase but when I think of “arches,” I either think of St. Louis, Missouri or I think of McDonalds. Now, you’re probably wondering what does either St. Louis or McDonalds have to do with JT’s statement and I’ll have you know that I can’t think of anything either aside from the fact that McDonalds starts with an ‘M’ and is often called “The Golden Arches.” Just like MickyD’s, Muirfield starts with an ‘M’; thus, JT calls Muirfield “The Evil Arches.”

I thought it was sweet how Vincent thought of Catherine before himself. He was practically demanding her to turn him in. He desperately wants her to live a normal life again—no matter how much he loves her. However, Catherine refuses to rat him out. As she said before in episode 16, “Insatiable,” she and Vincent (and JT) are against the world. Now, after “Partners in Crime,” Catherine can add her renewed BFF, Tess, to that list. If the list gets longer, Vincent might as well find a way to come back from the dead because the more people who know about him, the less amount of people he’ll have to be dead to.

After an AMAZING episode, I have decided that the short conversation between Catherine and Tess in Tess’s apartment was hilarious. I’m glad that Tess is eager to learn about Vincent and Catherine’s love life. Later that night, Evan catches Vincent and Catherine making out on the fire escape. Uh Oh! That can’t be good.

I felt a little bit sorry (A WEE LITTLE BIT) for Evan considering his feelings for Catherine. If only he didn’t choose to walk past Cat’s apartment. Now he’s going to have LOTS of questions. Then again, part of me feels like he deserves that mental slap to the face because of his recent actions concerning Muirfield. I can only guess what would happen if Evan and Vincent were ever put into the same room…I think there might be a cat fight between these two smitten men (^_^).

For an episode that took the course of approximately half a day (I think), a LOT happened! I have seen “Partners in Crime” THREE times since last night and am about to watch my fourth as soon as I’m done typing this review.

Nina Lisandrello was right in saying her favorite episode so far is “Partners in Crime.” It was super intense and Nina was AWESOME! We saw a side of Tess that we’ve never really seen before. Tess is a strong woman and doesn’t like to feel insubordinate to anyone. She does her own thing. The fact that she had to rely on Vincent and Catherine to save her (if she didn’t, she would have drowned of course) was perfect! Sometimes it takes a life/death situation in order for someone to understand a certain side—and that’s exactly what happened with Tess. I’m glad that the Tesserine (Yes, I made that up) relationship is mended because Cat could really use some girl time every once and a while. Speaking of girl time, whatever happened to Heather? Was she so upset about Darius’s death that she decided to move back with her father and step-mother?

Maybe we’ll find out next episode!

On April 18th! Q~Q Gosh, I hate hiatuses…Oh well…I’m sure the BatB cast & crew will bring us something EXTRA juicy when it comes back! 🙂

Stay tuned and watch reruns of Beauty and the Beast on Tuesday nights @ 9/8 c. on the CW. You can tune into the new episodes starting April 18th!

Happy Easter! 🙂







On Twitter today, I asked a couple of Beasties about what my next article should be about and so I’ve decided to write about CW’s Beauty and the Beast’s “Insatiable” as well as my predictions for “Partners in Crime.” If time permits it (as well as my brain since I’m sick), I may talk about other things but let’s focus on the two objectives, shall we?

For those who have not looked up what the term insatiable means, here is the Webster Dictionary Definition for “insatiable”: incapable of being satisfied.

I don’t know about you but I can find MANY BatB characters whom are INCAPABLE of being satisfied.

First of all, our leading couple Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) are FINALLY together! I’m surprised the Ice Age hasn’t happened yet! Although they spent a very satisfying night together (if you get my drift), something ALWAYS ensues! Why can’t our lovely romantic duo ever have a break and be satisfied with their lives every once in a while? With all of the crap they go through together, Vincent and Catherine surely deserve a sabbatical.

The BatB writers throw a plot twist our way as we see the police force gaining up on Vincent’s identity as if he and Catherine sleeping together wasn’t the climax of the series (no pun intended). Vincent and JT (Austin Basis) have to make the rash decision to give up their home in order to cease the manhunt for the vigilante.

Speaking of JT, whatever happened to Sarah? I know she still exists in the show but where’s the love? Oh yeah, that’s right. Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk are paid for the romantic element…but I still think JT deserves some more camera time—with or without Sarah. Just as JT seemed to settle down to liking Catherine and thinking that life may resume to being semi-normal again, his life is flipped upside down again—making him homeless, along with Vincent. 😦

Again—never satisfied. There’s always something knocking on their doors.

Although Vincent, Catherine and JT are searching for resolve and a new start, Joe Bishop; however, has a different mission. It’s obvious he has barely gotten a wink of sleep since his brother’s untimely death. Unfortunately, he would not rest until he avenged his brother—no matter what it would have taken. He was prepared to shoot the vigilante (in this case, Vincent) at any and all costs. When he watched the said location of the vigilante burst into flames, part of him could not help but wonder if the vigilante was still out there.

Part of me thinks he’ll never be fully satisfied until the vigilante’s murders stop altogether. Something tells me Gabe Lowen won’t let that happen.

Gabe—unlike the rest of the police force—is sketchy from the get-go. We notice small details concerning his overall mission statement concerning the vigilante. Although Joe wants to seek revenge as well as get the vigilante off the streets, it is clear Gabe has a different objective. As to what his motives are, we’re unsure but there are theories floating around. Even after everyone believed the vigilante to have burned up in the flames of the warehouse, Gabe Lowen was crossing his fingers (metaphorically) and most likely hoping the vigilante was still alive. It’s obvious he wants answers as well as something else but as far as we know, he’s under the impression that “Vincent” died in the fire. Even though the vigilante may have died in the fire, something tells me Gabe won’t stop his search. He’s a desperate man and since he is the one responsible for framing Vincent, he obviously wants to give him a bad rep.

Last but not least, Tess Vargas seems to never be satisfied with the answers she’s given by the people she interviews. She’s constantly trying to figure out why people saw what they saw and won’t be satisfied until she gets to the bottom of this…which, technically, if you remember that she was traveling underneath the streets of NYC as she shot Vincent, she finally DID get to the “bottom.”

Being insatiable is destructive. ‘Nuff Said.

Here’s a fact: Beasties are NEVER insatiable because we’re ALWAYS satisfied every Thursday! 🙂

As for Episode 17 goes, I am anxious to see how Vincent, Catherine and JT handle the tased-Tess situation. I wonder what she’ll do/say when she finds out about V’s condition. Will she accept him? Will she turn him in? Will she simply trust Cat and let it go? So many questions are forming and I hope they’re answered fully in tomorrow’s episode.


You can watch BatB on CW 11 at 9/8 PM central.

GetGlue App for BatB Stickers


We all have learned to love GetGlue because of the wonderful Beauty and the Beast stickers the site provides but when using the mobile app, how does one claim their stickers?

Well, after fiddling around and searching for a nonBatB sticker that I wanted (b/c the new BatB sticker is not released yet), I finally figured it out! 🙂

1. Click GREEN check-in button on the main GG app page.

2. Click the category your favorite something is. In this case, for BatB, click “Watching TV”

3. Either search for item (Beauty and the Beast) or click title in Recent Shows or Trending Shows

4.  There will be an ORANGE bar at the top claiming there is an UNLIMITED STICKER available. (This should be around 8:30 PMish???)

5. Add comment.

6. Check in

7. VOILA! It should import into your stickers!

Have a lovely Beastilicious night!!!!


So Let’s Get this Straightened Out!!! :)

Within the past several hours, it has come to my attention that there is a misconception when talking about BatB episode numbers! If you are reading this, here’s a little lesson…At least, I think I know what I’m talking about but if I am 100% wrong about what I’m about to tell you, PLEASE by all means, correct me before I further embarrass myself! ^_^;

Anyhoo…so let’s get this straightened Out! 🙂

So….when Beasties talk about episodes, we refer them as the list to the LEFT! When TV people talk about BatB eps, they refer to the list to the RIGHT!


In that one tweet, Nina Lisandrello said: “@takeexit102 @BatBwriters 116. It was rough, but exciting, and a major turning point.”

Sooooo….116 refers to episode 17 in Beastie terms. ^_^

Boom! Figured this mystery out! 🙂

The episode Nina is referring to is NEXT Thursday’s episode…at least I’m pretty certain she’s talking about that one! 🙂

Synopsis of said episode:

ImageSo this concludes my hypothesis that Nina was talking about “Partners in Crime” NOT “Insatiable.”


Feel free to correct me if I just lied to everybody!!! 🙂

A ‘Thank You’ Seems Insufficient


A ‘Thank You’ Seems Insufficient



According to SpoilerTV, CW’s freshman hit-drama series, Beauty and the Beast, was ranked as the highest Reader Popularity episode of the week with a score of 4.86 for “Any Means Possible.” The next leading episode from the Reader Popularity chart was a tie between Castle’s “Hunt” and Elementary’s  “Déjà Vu All Over Again” ( If anything, I’d say CW’s new and exciting television series has definitely earned the highest score! This is outstanding news, especially since episode 15 was either delayed or postponed in many states in the US.

Beauty and the Beast has certainly come a long way since the Pilot episode. From the start of the series, the Beasties were requesting a kiss between the protagonists of the show, Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk), but who knew we’d receive such a package deal?

We received a touching scene during “Bridesmaid Up!”, in the cemetery when Catherine blames her mother for what happened to Vincent. Of course, Vincent did not see Cat’s mother at fault and he, rather convincingly, persuaded Catherine not to blame her mother by saying quite the heartwarming phrase, “I would [have my DNA altered] again if it meant that I could be in your life” (“Trapped”).

We also were given some VinCat flirting in Episode 9 as well as an incredibly B-E-A-U-TIFUL and romantic dance to appease our shipper hearts! ♥

Not only THAT, but after the whole VinCat hiatus (if you know what I mean), the BatB cast and crew gave us a cute Valentines episode with an ALMOST KISS in Episode 13: “Trust No One.” Let’s not forget the epically passionate VinCat kissing that happened at the end of “Tough Love!”

If we thought we watched a LOT of reruns of “Tough Love,” we had another thing coming!!!!

Who knew “Any Means Possible” would provide not only one love scene but TWO love scenes…well sorta. The first one was a wet dream but it was just as steamy as the last scene of the episode! How about THAT episode, huh?!?!?!?! I don’t know about you, but I certainly blushed a LOT during this episode! We were given a tragic wet dream (ironic, isn’t it?), a chaste kiss AND the ENDING!!!! ♥______♥ I’m sure, by now, you have ALL re-watched “Any Means Possible” at least 5 times a day like I have. If not, well, I’m a nerd! 😛

As someone said on Twitter (I’m sorry but I cannot remember who you are but I loved what you said so if you are reading this and you said it, by all means let me know!!!) to the @BatBwriters, “We have asked for a VinCat kiss for S1 and you give us THIS! A thank you seems so insufficient now!”

How true is that?

No matter how many times we tweet about BatB or write silly articles (such as this one) about BatB, we can never do or say anything that would be even worthy of such gratitude! The VinCat ship has definitely been a rocky one during the series but now that they have consummated their relationship, I would think their feelings for one another are more solid than a diamond (perhaps we will see one later in the series to prove it ;P).

Not only was the ball kiss scene and the ending love scene absolutely perfect, but can I just say how phenomenal the BatB crew is at picking the right songs to use during these scenes???? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve listened to Charlene Soraia’s “Wherever You Will Go.” If I were to guess, I’d say I’ve listened to that song AT LEAST 700 times since the winter hiatus. I’ve also listened to “Sugar” by Wanderhouse and “Stars” by The Pierces a few times since the airing of “Any Means Possible.”

This is purely an episode that starts AND ends with a love scene. One fiery hot! One sweet and romantic! Now that’s poetic, I tell you! Truly poetic! 🙂

What. An. Episode.



I don’t know if I can continue…my screen is melting by just typing about such a fiery romantic episode!!!!

Just kidding.

My screen is perfectly fine…but my mind isn’t.  >.>

I’m going CrAzY right now after watching the preview of “Insatiable.”

By the way, if anyone knows the title and artist of the song played during the “Insatiable” promo, you would be my BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!!! 🙂

I could have a MILLION of guesses of what will happen!!! I have ruled out the possibility of Vincent, Catherine or JT dying because what is BatB if not for them? They are the STARS of the show so OF COURSE they wouldn’t be killed off or there’d be a lot of ANGRY BEASTIES!!! Even though our favorite trio wouldn’t be killed in “Insatiable,” that doesn’t mean one of them won’t be seriously injured.

For all we know, Vincent may take a non-fatal bullet in the arm or something as he and Catherine (I think that’s who is running in the promo) run for dear life. Then Vincent would have to instruct either JT or Catherine to take the bullet out and suture up the wound somehow…with a strand of Catherine’s hair or something…

Hey! It could happen! I saw it happen in Old Yeller once!!!! XD If you haven’t seen that classic movie, I suggest you do so and watch it with three boxes of Kleenex nearby…if you are an emotional viewer unlike me.

Whatever DOES happen, I sure hope to God that if Vincent has to leave NYC, Catherine goes with him. (That would be a reason why they’d be running, right???)

Anyways, I’ll be shutting up now! Let me know what you think will happen in “Insatiable.” I’m curious! 🙂

You can tune into Beauty and the Beast on Thursdays at 9/8c. on the CW.

Be sure to watch the show LIVE as well as record it on DVR or TiVo and view it RIGHT AFTER you watch the live airing. Then, if you haven’t bought the season-pass on either iTunes or Amazon or any other provider I don’t know about, DO SO IMMEDIATELY! J

Also, keep voting BatB on the SpoilerTV polls as well as rate the show and each episode on TVGuide and IMDB! This is EXTREMELY important!

Don’t forget to also tune into GetGlue and get AWESOME stickers. Maybe we should all band together and request for a JT Forbes GetGlue sticker because I really want one and you should too! 🙂

Alright, toodles!


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