A Healthy Addiction


A Healthy Addiction

Written by: WriterFreak001


Please note that I am not a professional writer. I only write for the joy of writing.


Over the past couple of days, I have been contemplating on what I should write about. After logging into my Facebook at work (yes, I am allowed to do that), I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to write about. As you can see, my inspiration was the photo posted above! Talk about being a fan-girl! Since October 11th, I have been a crazed fan of CW’s Beauty and the Beast (if it isn’t obvious already). I have been faithful to the series in every way imagined. I write BatB fanfictions (username: KeikoFujiwara [←don’t ask]), I follow the cast on Twitter as well as several other Beasties, I write these infamous articles that probably no one would ever read anyways, I make YouTube videos (username: DreamWriter001) and watch the television show LIVE even though I have it automatically downloading to my computer on iTunes a few hours later.

Oh! Let’s not forget about my BatB comics!

(Can be found at: https://sites.google.com/site/illgowhereveryouwillgo/home/batb-comics)


My main question is…

Is this obvious obsession of CW’s Beauty and the Beast a healthy one?

Well…here’s another disclaimer to throw your way: I am not a psychologist so Who Cares?!?!

Okay, silliness aside, I have actually analyzed my relationship with BatB because I really have wondered whether or not this addiction was healthy.

Here is my answer to the question: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Now you are probably wondering: WriterFreak001, why is this a healthy addiction? Please! Tell me more!

Gladly.                        ^________________________^

  1. The show, Beauty and the Beast, gives me motivation.

I am a college student and because a week without BatB seems tragically long, I have something to look forward to on Thursday nights! I know that if I just get through the other six days, I can make it to Thursday in one piece.

2.     BatB melts my heart.

I am sure I have mentioned this in other articles BUT I am a hopeless romantic. I think Beauty and the Beast surely depicts the components of a true relationship. Relationships are NOT supposed to be easy-peasy.

Granted, I’ve never been in my own relationship before but I base my knowledge on romantic novels (NOT TWILIGHT) as well as my friends’ experiences. Every relationship will have its road bumps and nothing is ever guaranteed but that is what risks are all about, right? What is life without leaps of faith? Although the romantic element in CW’s Beauty and the Beast seemed unbearably slow, it was important for Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) to establish a firm foundation of trust.

Now, you are probably wondering, what does melting my heart have to do with a healthy addiction? Well, I will most certainly tell you! The events in Beauty and the Beast, especially episode 14: Tough Love, give me something to smile about. I cannot help but grin whenever I think about that ever so intimate VinCat kiss! It was purely magical: more magical than any other non-Disney (CW’s BatB does not count as Disney) television show/ movie. They didn’t even have to CGI fireworks in the background like some television shows do (Halloweentown High). This first VinCat kiss was purely spontaneous and it worked! If something that is not a drug or alcohol-affiliated brings a smile to your face, wouldn’t you consider it healthy?

3.     BatB has an interactive cast & crew.

Of all of the TV shows I have ever seen, I have NEVER had the initiative to communicate with the cast and crew directly. Thank God for Twitter, right? I applaud Austin Basis (JT Forbes on Beauty and the Beast­) for being able to constantly balance work, personal life, Twitter and sleep. He is CLEARLY the King of the Beasties!

Each cast member (except for Max Brown (Evan Marks) who doesn’t have a Twitter account) and crew member eventually responds or tries to respond to each and every Beastie question! Talk about dedication!

Aside from the cast and crew members’ Twitters, the Beastie community has grown more and more every day! Beasties are united as a family and will do ANYTHING to bring a second season! ANYTHING! Anyone interested in starting a Lady Godiva campaign??? JUST KIDDING!

Being able to communicate with other Beasties who share the same passion is also very healthy because if we all just clam our love for this show to ourselves, we would be really lonely people—lonelier than Vincent Keller ever was. 😥

4.     BatB has a sexier than sexy cast!

Anyone who DOESN’T think the cast members of Beauty and the Beast are SEXY, you need a DIVINE INTERVENTION! Seriously!

I’ve said this on Twitter, before, and I’ll say it again, Jay Ryan’s body cannot contain his sexiness. There, I said it! Now if somehow this article makes it back to Jay Ryan, I think I’ll swoon…that’s just the effect his overwhelming, God-given hotness has on me.

I hope I’ll be able to find one of my own someday! ^_^ Maybe I should start searching in New Zealand.

5.     Last but not least, BatB makes me feel good about myself!

Before my relationship with Beauty and the Beast started, I was pretty much a “nobody”. Sure I have a few close friends but there were times I just wanted to crawl into the tiniest hole and see if anybody would notice my disappearance.

When October 11th came around the corner, I was curious to see what this new show Beauty and the Beast was all about. I am glad I checked it out because now I am absolutely in love with the show. I now have a lot of new Beastie friends whom I can share my passion with since my sister isn’t as crazed for this show as I am.

I get recognized for my talents—like my BatB comics, articles, videos and FanFiction. Before BatB, no one recognized my videos or FanFictions. In a weird way, I feel incredibly special to be a part of this BatB Beastie family!

So, what it all comes down to is, YESSSSSSSSSS! I do think this obsession with CW’s Beauty and the Beast is perfectly healthy. Don’t you?

You can watch Beauty and the Beast on Thursday nights on the CW at 9/8c.! New episodes return March 14th, 2013.

Much Love,



5 thoughts on “A Healthy Addiction

  1. wooowww! que hermoso 🙂 FELICIDADES por estas palabras, comparto contigo mucho de lo que sientes. SALUDOS!

  2. Fantastic! Must agree with you that we are a great fandom with funny & caring members – & of course talented members like you! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You say you only write for the joy of writing … honey, that’s what makes you a writer! I am a published writer but I still don’t consider myself a professional and there are many more like me. We write because we love to write and, like you, it makes us feel good. I had not written poetry in many years, just nonfiction articles. Then I saw Bridesmaid Up and when Catherine turned to see Vincent standing in the doorway, it was like she could sense his presence. That was the moment that inspired me to start writing poetry again. What you have written here is very good and shows that you have a gift, a flair for writing. You are one of our talented Beasties. (Fay)

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