My Embarrassing Story for Nathan Fillion

On Twitter, today, Nathan Fillion requested fans to tell him their most embarrassing story. Because I can’t POSSIBLY fit my humiliation within 150 characters, I will be posting it here instead! ^_^

Six or so years ago, during my church’s Trivia Night fundraiser, I was a part of the youth group which helped run the questions between the teams and the judges. After the first four rounds or so, I went back to the Youth table to sit down. Our table was elevated four or so feet above the ground on a wooden stage.

So, because I was incredulously worn out from all of the table running, I wanted to rest my feet. I get on to the platform and find my seat. Little did I know, one of the legs was hanging off of the ledge of the stage (you can probably see where this is going….).

As I was minding my own business, I took my seat. While my heart screamed, “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL,” I found myself losing the .5 second battle against gravity. The next thing I know, I’m stuck between the wall, floor and stage in the most uncomfortable position ever while everyone, at least the members of the Youth Group, checked to see if my heart was still beating…It was…In fact, it was beating inhumanly fast!

The worst part: my clumsiness didn’t even faze my parents. Since they knew I was already a born klutz, they assumed all would be alright.

Unfortunately, the only thing I broke that night was my dignity….


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