“Beauty and the Beast”–Element of Surprise?



Beauty and the Beast—the Element of Surprise!

Written by: WriterFreak001


As the wait for the next episode of CW’s Beauty and the Beast wraps up, I can only get even MORE excited! I think I’ve mentioned this once before on GetGlue, but I’ll say it again: BatB is my Soul Fuel!

Ever since the first episode aired on October 11th, 2012, I have been a cRaZeD fan (You’d think it would be OBVIOUS by now, right? =])! I don’t know what it is but CW’s BatB has this essence other television shows do not. It’s like there’s a secretive embedded hypnotic spiral in each episode, making me want to see more Beauty and the Beast throughout the week. I swear, one hour…no…forty-five minutes of one day a week for the show is NOT enough allotted time! Beauty and the Beast NEEDS more attention!

Recently, the show has started airing reruns on Tuesday nights but, in my opinion, there should be a new episode of BatB every day!!! (A girl can wish, right?!) I’m sure many other Beasties can agree! Heck, I’m sure the show’s cast could agree too; it would certainly raise their pay! 😉

Each episode, unlike any other CW television show, in my opinion, is more alluring than the previous. Not once has the TV series failed to keep my attention! 🙂

I have mentioned in other articles how Beauty and the Beast has affected my life but, in strange ways, I have proof the television show can affect others as well. 🙂

Last night, around my parents’ bedtime, I had clicked on BatB’s fourth episode, “Basic Instinct,” to view a certain scene. While iTunes was taking a while to pop the episode up, my mother knocked on my door and asked to speak with me. Forgetting to close my computer, I walked over to my door and opened it, curious to what my mother wanted to say.

I’ll be honest, for the past few weeks, I have been struggling with a HUGE decision concerning my future and that night, I had finally made my choice. She wanted to give me a sentimental, supportive sermon to tell me she is proud of me for whatever I do…Anyways, she did not have a chance to give her most likely well-thought-out speech because just as she said, “I wanted to tell you…,” my computer acted up and the episode started playing!

Not only that but iTunes decided to be funny and play “Basic Instinct” in the middle of the episode where Vincent (Jay Ryan), Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and JT (Austin Basis) were fighting Muirfield. Talk about awkward! Let’s not forget to mention that my computer was on FULL VOLUME!

My mother gave me a strange look before cracking up laughing. She totally did not expect to hear Vincent growling in the background of her what-would-have-been sentimental and heartfelt speech.

So…Beauty and the Beast definitely caught my mother off-guard through the element of surprise!

This just proves my theory that a person does not have to be a fan or even understand the context of the show in order to have a good laugh! Let’s face it, Beauty and the Beast is like a nice bowl of ice cream because the show can make anyone find a small moment of joy in any shape or form—even the most brutal fight scenes can have a joyful effect on someone (weird, right?).

Now, I can’t say I’ve converted my mother to the Beastie clan but, who knows, maybe during the summer, when nothing else is on; I can recruit her to the BatB family! 😀

After all, I did show her the pilot once and she thought it was a good show but she didn’t have time to watch it on top of her other shows. There’s still hope though!

Alright, that was my message! Peace out!


Don’t forget to tune into Beauty and the Beast’s new episode “Any Means Possible” on March 14th at 9/8c. on the CW channel!


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