BatB Cast & Crew Appreciation Announcement


Hey Beasties!!!! I have this WONDERFUL idea!!!!! Since Twitter has a message limit, I thought this could be an ALTERNATIVE way to support our favorite cast! :)

Because I love CW’s Beauty and the Beast so much, I wanted to find a way to continually encourage the cast AND crew!

Here’s what YOU can do to help too!

Added to my site,, there will be a page (not now but soon) that will be titled: BatB Cast & Crew Appreciation

If you reeeeeeeaaaaally want to say something encouraging or a nice message to one or all of our favorite cast and crew, YOU CAN & without a limit, I might add!!!! :)

Under the BatB Cast & Crew Appreciation page, there will be separate pages for each cast & Crew member. As each message comes, I will update the site!!!!

Here is how to do it!!!!

1. Write whatever message you want to any BatB cast or crew member.

Please address every message to each individual cast or crew member!When signing your message, PLEASE use your Twitter account name! If you don’t have a Twitter Account name, either make one! or use an alternative user account name from a different site. If I didn’t have a Twitter, I would have signed my message as DreamWriter001 rather than @WriterFreak001. Then, beside your alternative username (if not Twitter) please include the site name! 🙂

For example, let’s say you want to write a supportive message to Austin Basis, you should write it in this format:

Dear Austin Basis,

I just wanted to tell you how AWESOME you are! I appreciate the fact that you take the time to look at all of the Beasties’ tweets even when you are already a very busy man! Thanks for all of your hard work!





If you use your Twitter User name, please put the “@” in front of it! It would make life easier for everyone! :)

2. Send your letter to my email:

If email does not work for you, please send your message via comment for this post! 🙂

3. Include Subject: BatB Cast & Crew Appreciation-(Name of cast or crew member)

Example: BatB Cast & Crew Appreciation-(Austin Basis)

4. You will receive an email when your message is put on the site.

I cannot promise you the cast and crew members will read any of the messages but I can promise you that a simple message from YOU might be the highlight of their day!!! :D

5. If there is a cast or crew member whose name is not included on the list of Appreciation, please notify me via email and label subject as: APPRECIATION ADDITION!

6. To spread the word, RETWEET PLEASE! :)

7. Any Questions? Feel free to send a comment below! ^_^

8. Please DO NOT tweet this link to any members of the cast and crew! I would like to surprise them in DUE TIME! 🙂

9. I also added a CW pg for anyone who wants to say a message to them and tell them why you want BatB renewed!

I will send it to them via Twitter after I get at least 10 reasons!!!!


In case this was SOOOOO much information to read, just send your letters via email ( and I will take care of it from there! 🙂


2 thoughts on “BatB Cast & Crew Appreciation Announcement

    1. Is this a message you would like to send the cast/crew? If so, who and what is your username for Twitter (if you have one) or your username from a different site…ex) Username: DreamWriter001 from YouTube….

      Please reply if you have any more questions.

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