BatB Harlem Shake

How about that Harlem Shake video, Beasties???!!!! XD

I’ll be honest, BEFORE I saw the BatB Harlem Shake, I always thought Harlem Shakes were stupid and a complete waste of time. I guess I live under a rock and don’t understand the hilariousness of awkward dancing?

Well, anyways, my sister and her peeps made a HS video and, like before, I thought it was dumb. COMPLETELY DUMB!

I told her that the ONLY way I would ever appreciate a Harlem Shake is if BatB decided to do one. And guess what?!

BatB won me over! I was laughing so hard after seeing it! I FREAKING LOVED IT! Nice moves Austin Basis! Loved the pink feathered scarf! It suited you well! 🙂

I especially loved the ending…I don’t exactly know what happened there, but it seemed as if Jay Ryan was caught by surprise–which made the ending of the BatB Harlem Shake even funnier! =]

Thanks for cheering up my so far crappy day, BatB cast & crew! I look forward to more BatB Cast CrAzInEsS! 🙂



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