Return of Beauty and the Beast


Return of BatB



Around 2:30 PM today, I’m looking at my DVR to see what’s scheduled for tonight’s recordings and found out that my FAVORITE show of all times is being DELAYED TWO MORE HOURS due to March Madness!!! WTF?!

Not ONLY do I have to wait 2 more hours during my time zone but I have to wait THREE because I’m reading ALL of these Tweets about how WONDERFUL the episode is starting out! Q~Q Sooooo….Because I have literally NOTHING to do for the next three or so hours, I decided to write about what I think will happen in this episode…Let’s see if I’m right.

  1. The episode has an EPIC beginning–preferably the rooftop after that MEGA SEXY KISS from ‘Tough Love.’
  2. VinCat take FOREVER saying goodbye because they’re sooooo lovey-dovey now! 🙂 Wouldn’t that be cute?
  3. As Vincent hops off of the roof, Catherine slowly walks to her apartment and then to her room before closing her door to lean against it as she bites her lip, thinking about the very kiss she shared with Vincent.
  4. Vincent has an awkward conversation with JT…Maybe JT will start something out like: “You look pretty cheery for a guy who just dumped his girlfriend.” And well, I can only guess what might happen after that comment.
  5. Of course the sex dream….not sure what to say about this one…other than I WANNA SEE IT SOOOOO BADLY RIGHT NOW! 🙂 (sorry as I fangirl over here…

The rest of the episode I haven’t speculated too much so I’ll just wait and see…but….I just wanted to get my point out and say that if CW’s Beauty and the Beast has this much control over my life, then obviously there’s something good about the show. So watch it!!! 🙂

You can watch BATB on the CW on Thursdays @ 9/8c. (except tonight it is @ 11 PM where I live; SMH) and then buy the season on iTunes/Amazon for ONLY $20! 😀




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