Hey Beasties! It is ME again!

Because I am overly pathetic, I have to keep writing up blogs about BatB or else I will go more insane than I already am!

Did I mention how much I HATE March Madness right now?!?! I am SERIOUSLY dying inside as I wait for Beauty and the Beast to come on the air at 11 PM instead of 9 PM.

So let’s talk about insanity shall we?

I can surely talk about insanity right now. For instance, remember the pilot episode of BatB? Our favorite bromantic duo were arguing about Cat showing up at the warehouse and JT asked Vincent about the antidote. Remember what Vincent said? I surely do!

He said: Because do you know what the definition of insanity is, JT?! Doing the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN, expecting a different result!!!

Yep…that’s what I feel like right now. I keep checking the TV  OVER AND OVER AGAIN (No Joke), hoping that the March Madness would suddenly shut off and BatB would be on!!!! Wishful thinking, right?!

Point of this little babble about insanity: BatB has to be healthy because, right now, without it, I’m dying inside and GOING INSANE!

Let’s talk about BatB’s drug effects!

Yes! I said it! I am high on BATB, but seriously…of those who are reading this article; WHO ISN’T?!

I mean, come on, our lives would be 100% much duller if BatB never existed. We wouldn’t know what to tweet about on Twitter, what to dream about as we go to sleep, who to think about when we want to smile (and yes, I’m sure you all are picturing a certain someone shirtless right now ^_^, if not, well there’s the power of suggestion for ya!); we wouldn’t know how to win the PCA award without BatB or how to BEAST OUT on polls when needed to. Face it, without CW’s Beauty and the Beast, we’d seriously be lost puppies right now. BatB is like our leash…it gets us through our days; guiding us to the next week of a new episode.

I wouldn’t say it is a cult or a religion, but it certainly helps each and every one of us. We all have that certain somebody, whether he or she is a boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, friend, acquaintance, frienemy, enemy, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle and etc. whom we wish would love us for who we are–scars and all. Like Catherine loves Vincent for who he is, we all either have or want somebody to love us just the same: love us despite our flaws. I mean, come on, we all are human with a smidge of Beast inside of us, right?

Now…let’s talk about the BatB Family…

For those of you who are reading this article…if you’re not watching BatB right now ( LIKE ME OBVIOUSLY), you probably are following me on Twitter as well as me following you. Or (like Austin Basis ^_^), you are virtually recruited to read fan-girl babble written by me. Anyhoo…not only is BatB a healthy addiction (see a previous article for reasons) or the center of our daily tasks, but it is also the source of our Beastie Family. We are a collective…stronger than any force reckoned with! 🙂 Even when posts on Twitter are NOT BatB focused, we support each other and encourage each other. When we notice one of our Beastie family members is upset or frustrated, we go out of our way to cheer them up…We don’t need a common location to be a family…all we need is a strong core, and that is, with out a doubt, the show, BatB, itself.

After writing this, I feel a lot better about not watching the show right now. Granted, I still feel like I’m dying (a little bit) inside, but I’ve come to realize that the CW has never let me down when it comes to BatB and when I DO see it, it’s gonna be EPIC! 🙂 (on my parents’ flat screen TV no less!!! ^_^)

But really, I know for a fact that the BatB cast and crew center their Beastie core around the Beasties and we, the beasties, center our core around the cast & crew who make Beauty and the Beast even possible. In fact, I think we have the BEST relationship of all–symbiosis.

Our survival depends on the show, cast & crew of BatB and the show, cast & crew’s survival depend on us, Beasties.

In the end, I believe our symbiotic relationship will be what helps us win that second season we’re ALL fighting for! Keep the faith, Beasties & BatB cast and Crew!!!!



Tune in on the CW for Beauty and the Beast on Tuesday (reruns) & Thursday nights @ 9/8c.


One thought on “Symbiosis

  1. i loved what you wrote…I was a resident of Tree Hill(One Tree Hill) for 9 years, been a Hunter(Supernatural) for 8 and now a bestie for almost seven months…I used to say that Supernatural and One Tree Hill don’t have fans but Family and Beauty and The Beast i can say the same thing…Its so good to see how united we are. Congrats and by the way the episode was EPIC and the next one…let me just say that i couldn’t even breath with the promo.

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