My BatB Plan for Next Thursday


My BATB Plan for Next Thursday

Written by: WriterFreak001


Hello Beasties!!!!

So…because I need a way to vent and this is the best way to do so, I’m going to tell ALL of you of my plan in order to watch next week’s episode.

After watching “Any Means Possible” as well as the preview to “Insatiable,” I CANNOT AND WILL NOT MISS Beauty and the Beast next Thursday!!!! HOWEVER, because I have a teacher who wants my class to go see a play that night and has given us an ultimatum, saying we either can go and enjoy the play before writing a reflection paper OR NOT go and the receive a ZERO, which would you choose?

Obviously I am not going to receive a zero just because I want to see my favorite show that night because I definitely DO NOT want to give the show a bad rep! READ MY LIPS BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER: BATB IS NOT A DISRUPTION TO MY EDUCATION! I PROMISE!!!!!!!!! In FACT, I’d say it is improving it–okay, maybe that little tidbit is a lie but I swear on my own grave that Beauty and the Beast is not a bad influence on my education.


1. We’ve established that I cannot see BatB live next Thursday. 😦 I know, it’s a tear-jerker. D’X


2. I will FIND some way to have it on the channel while I’m gone so that it will help with the ratings. Even if I have to call my parents and demand for them to turn on the TV before BatB starts, I will. I PROMISE! (Scout’s Honor!!!–even though I was never a scout!)

3. BECAUSE I cannot see it during it’s LIVE airing, I will ENSURE the show is being recorded as well!!! That is HIGHLY important.

4. When I get back from this lame play, I will walk straight to the TV, turn it on (if it isn’t on already) and watch the recording!!!! :))))) (I just don’t know how I’m going to survive waiting even longer than I did last Thursday due to March Madness! Two weeks in a row of delayed BatB is horrendous! DX)

5. I will set my alarm for THREE AM so I can download BatB on iTunes! 🙂

6. I will wake up at 5 AM, get ready for the day and leave for the Amtrak because I’m going to Chicago for the weekend (hence the need to wake up EXTRA UBER EARLY to download BatB on iTunes).

7. Because the Amtrak allows for computers as well as has outlets, I’m gonna be having a BatB marathon to pass the 5 hour trip to Chicago!!!!!! 🙂

Looks like my Beastie weekend is set and planned. It would be nice if iTunes would allow me to download the new episode at midnight instead but I think my plan is a good one. =]

Thanks for listening to my plot!!!


Tune into Beauty and the Beast on the CW on Tuesdays (reruns) AND Thursdays (new episodes) at 9/8c.


2 thoughts on “My BatB Plan for Next Thursday

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t written anything about the most epic episode to date of BATB! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and you usually give me the juice! Anyway keep the great posts coming 😉

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