A ‘Thank You’ Seems Insufficient


A ‘Thank You’ Seems Insufficient



According to SpoilerTV, CW’s freshman hit-drama series, Beauty and the Beast, was ranked as the highest Reader Popularity episode of the week with a score of 4.86 for “Any Means Possible.” The next leading episode from the Reader Popularity chart was a tie between Castle’s “Hunt” and Elementary’s  “Déjà Vu All Over Again” (http://www.spoilertv.com/2012/10/reader-popularity-episode-tables-201213.html). If anything, I’d say CW’s new and exciting television series has definitely earned the highest score! This is outstanding news, especially since episode 15 was either delayed or postponed in many states in the US.

Beauty and the Beast has certainly come a long way since the Pilot episode. From the start of the series, the Beasties were requesting a kiss between the protagonists of the show, Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk), but who knew we’d receive such a package deal?

We received a touching scene during “Bridesmaid Up!”, in the cemetery when Catherine blames her mother for what happened to Vincent. Of course, Vincent did not see Cat’s mother at fault and he, rather convincingly, persuaded Catherine not to blame her mother by saying quite the heartwarming phrase, “I would [have my DNA altered] again if it meant that I could be in your life” (“Trapped”).

We also were given some VinCat flirting in Episode 9 as well as an incredibly B-E-A-U-TIFUL and romantic dance to appease our shipper hearts! ♥

Not only THAT, but after the whole VinCat hiatus (if you know what I mean), the BatB cast and crew gave us a cute Valentines episode with an ALMOST KISS in Episode 13: “Trust No One.” Let’s not forget the epically passionate VinCat kissing that happened at the end of “Tough Love!”

If we thought we watched a LOT of reruns of “Tough Love,” we had another thing coming!!!!

Who knew “Any Means Possible” would provide not only one love scene but TWO love scenes…well sorta. The first one was a wet dream but it was just as steamy as the last scene of the episode! How about THAT episode, huh?!?!?!?! I don’t know about you, but I certainly blushed a LOT during this episode! We were given a tragic wet dream (ironic, isn’t it?), a chaste kiss AND the ENDING!!!! ♥______♥ I’m sure, by now, you have ALL re-watched “Any Means Possible” at least 5 times a day like I have. If not, well, I’m a nerd! 😛

As someone said on Twitter (I’m sorry but I cannot remember who you are but I loved what you said so if you are reading this and you said it, by all means let me know!!!) to the @BatBwriters, “We have asked for a VinCat kiss for S1 and you give us THIS! A thank you seems so insufficient now!”

How true is that?

No matter how many times we tweet about BatB or write silly articles (such as this one) about BatB, we can never do or say anything that would be even worthy of such gratitude! The VinCat ship has definitely been a rocky one during the series but now that they have consummated their relationship, I would think their feelings for one another are more solid than a diamond (perhaps we will see one later in the series to prove it ;P).

Not only was the ball kiss scene and the ending love scene absolutely perfect, but can I just say how phenomenal the BatB crew is at picking the right songs to use during these scenes???? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve listened to Charlene Soraia’s “Wherever You Will Go.” If I were to guess, I’d say I’ve listened to that song AT LEAST 700 times since the winter hiatus. I’ve also listened to “Sugar” by Wanderhouse and “Stars” by The Pierces a few times since the airing of “Any Means Possible.”

This is purely an episode that starts AND ends with a love scene. One fiery hot! One sweet and romantic! Now that’s poetic, I tell you! Truly poetic! 🙂

What. An. Episode.



I don’t know if I can continue…my screen is melting by just typing about such a fiery romantic episode!!!!

Just kidding.

My screen is perfectly fine…but my mind isn’t.  >.>

I’m going CrAzY right now after watching the preview of “Insatiable.”

By the way, if anyone knows the title and artist of the song played during the “Insatiable” promo, you would be my BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!!! 🙂

I could have a MILLION of guesses of what will happen!!! I have ruled out the possibility of Vincent, Catherine or JT dying because what is BatB if not for them? They are the STARS of the show so OF COURSE they wouldn’t be killed off or there’d be a lot of ANGRY BEASTIES!!! Even though our favorite trio wouldn’t be killed in “Insatiable,” that doesn’t mean one of them won’t be seriously injured.

For all we know, Vincent may take a non-fatal bullet in the arm or something as he and Catherine (I think that’s who is running in the promo) run for dear life. Then Vincent would have to instruct either JT or Catherine to take the bullet out and suture up the wound somehow…with a strand of Catherine’s hair or something…

Hey! It could happen! I saw it happen in Old Yeller once!!!! XD If you haven’t seen that classic movie, I suggest you do so and watch it with three boxes of Kleenex nearby…if you are an emotional viewer unlike me.

Whatever DOES happen, I sure hope to God that if Vincent has to leave NYC, Catherine goes with him. (That would be a reason why they’d be running, right???)

Anyways, I’ll be shutting up now! Let me know what you think will happen in “Insatiable.” I’m curious! 🙂

You can tune into Beauty and the Beast on Thursdays at 9/8c. on the CW.

Be sure to watch the show LIVE as well as record it on DVR or TiVo and view it RIGHT AFTER you watch the live airing. Then, if you haven’t bought the season-pass on either iTunes or Amazon or any other provider I don’t know about, DO SO IMMEDIATELY! J

Also, keep voting BatB on the SpoilerTV polls as well as rate the show and each episode on TVGuide and IMDB! This is EXTREMELY important!

Don’t forget to also tune into GetGlue and get AWESOME stickers. Maybe we should all band together and request for a JT Forbes GetGlue sticker because I really want one and you should too! 🙂

Alright, toodles!


“Trapped.” Beauty and the Beast. CW. KPLR, St. Louis. 6 Dec. 2012. Television.


3 thoughts on “A ‘Thank You’ Seems Insufficient

  1. You are a great writer. Loved it..
    I think I’m going crazy. Am I the only Beastie who was wishing that she was Catherine in the last scene? I doubt that. Did you see that tongue wrestling? Got me getting closer towards my tv without even knowing.
    I must admit, the opening scene was ‘oh my God’ . They were grinding on each other and all I could think about doing was singing ‘fever’ by Adam Lambert in my head slowly… Yep, I’m a freak. And ‘Stars’ was one of the best song choice ever. It was in the moment.

    My prediction for ‘Insatiable’ is that VinCat romance will be tested more. Before, there was only Muirfield. Now there’s Muirfield, a N.Y.P.D task force(which includes Tess, Evan and Cat and a few cops who shoot first and ask questions later) put together by a revenge driven guy(i totally understand Joe) and Gabe. We all know he’s shady.
    I think it’s gonna come to a point where their loyalties will be tested. Because there’s more at risk than their love. Cat risks losing her sister, Tess, and her career. While Vincent risks losing JT(the most devoted friend ever). They’re gonna have to run away. As you said, they can’t die cuz believe me, it will be the end of the show.
    If Vincent gets shot and ask JT to fix the wound, he would probably say something like this. “Right, you can run on rooftops and pull out a car door but you can’t dodge a bullet.” Lol… I would cry my eyes out with laughter.

    Well, I hope Evan realizes that if he(who’s working for Muirfield) didn’t kill Ray and the vigilante didn’t, then there’s more at work. And by more, I mean the last guy who talked to him. He’s smart, he’ll figure something out.
    I can’t wait for “partners in crime.” I think Tess becomes a fan of Vincent. That will be the day.
    Well, gotta go now.

    C ya…

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