GetGlue App for BatB Stickers


We all have learned to love GetGlue because of the wonderful Beauty and the Beast stickers the site provides but when using the mobile app, how does one claim their stickers?

Well, after fiddling around and searching for a nonBatB sticker that I wanted (b/c the new BatB sticker is not released yet), I finally figured it out! 🙂

1. Click GREEN check-in button on the main GG app page.

2. Click the category your favorite something is. In this case, for BatB, click “Watching TV”

3. Either search for item (Beauty and the Beast) or click title in Recent Shows or Trending Shows

4.  There will be an ORANGE bar at the top claiming there is an UNLIMITED STICKER available. (This should be around 8:30 PMish???)

5. Add comment.

6. Check in

7. VOILA! It should import into your stickers!

Have a lovely Beastilicious night!!!!



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