So Let’s Get this Straightened Out!!! :)

Within the past several hours, it has come to my attention that there is a misconception when talking about BatB episode numbers! If you are reading this, here’s a little lesson…At least, I think I know what I’m talking about but if I am 100% wrong about what I’m about to tell you, PLEASE by all means, correct me before I further embarrass myself! ^_^;

Anyhoo…so let’s get this straightened Out! 🙂

So….when Beasties talk about episodes, we refer them as the list to the LEFT! When TV people talk about BatB eps, they refer to the list to the RIGHT!


In that one tweet, Nina Lisandrello said: “@takeexit102 @BatBwriters 116. It was rough, but exciting, and a major turning point.”

Sooooo….116 refers to episode 17 in Beastie terms. ^_^

Boom! Figured this mystery out! 🙂

The episode Nina is referring to is NEXT Thursday’s episode…at least I’m pretty certain she’s talking about that one! 🙂

Synopsis of said episode:

ImageSo this concludes my hypothesis that Nina was talking about “Partners in Crime” NOT “Insatiable.”


Feel free to correct me if I just lied to everybody!!! 🙂


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