On Twitter today, I asked a couple of Beasties about what my next article should be about and so I’ve decided to write about CW’s Beauty and the Beast’s “Insatiable” as well as my predictions for “Partners in Crime.” If time permits it (as well as my brain since I’m sick), I may talk about other things but let’s focus on the two objectives, shall we?

For those who have not looked up what the term insatiable means, here is the Webster Dictionary Definition for “insatiable”: incapable of being satisfied.

I don’t know about you but I can find MANY BatB characters whom are INCAPABLE of being satisfied.

First of all, our leading couple Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) are FINALLY together! I’m surprised the Ice Age hasn’t happened yet! Although they spent a very satisfying night together (if you get my drift), something ALWAYS ensues! Why can’t our lovely romantic duo ever have a break and be satisfied with their lives every once in a while? With all of the crap they go through together, Vincent and Catherine surely deserve a sabbatical.

The BatB writers throw a plot twist our way as we see the police force gaining up on Vincent’s identity as if he and Catherine sleeping together wasn’t the climax of the series (no pun intended). Vincent and JT (Austin Basis) have to make the rash decision to give up their home in order to cease the manhunt for the vigilante.

Speaking of JT, whatever happened to Sarah? I know she still exists in the show but where’s the love? Oh yeah, that’s right. Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk are paid for the romantic element…but I still think JT deserves some more camera time—with or without Sarah. Just as JT seemed to settle down to liking Catherine and thinking that life may resume to being semi-normal again, his life is flipped upside down again—making him homeless, along with Vincent. 😦

Again—never satisfied. There’s always something knocking on their doors.

Although Vincent, Catherine and JT are searching for resolve and a new start, Joe Bishop; however, has a different mission. It’s obvious he has barely gotten a wink of sleep since his brother’s untimely death. Unfortunately, he would not rest until he avenged his brother—no matter what it would have taken. He was prepared to shoot the vigilante (in this case, Vincent) at any and all costs. When he watched the said location of the vigilante burst into flames, part of him could not help but wonder if the vigilante was still out there.

Part of me thinks he’ll never be fully satisfied until the vigilante’s murders stop altogether. Something tells me Gabe Lowen won’t let that happen.

Gabe—unlike the rest of the police force—is sketchy from the get-go. We notice small details concerning his overall mission statement concerning the vigilante. Although Joe wants to seek revenge as well as get the vigilante off the streets, it is clear Gabe has a different objective. As to what his motives are, we’re unsure but there are theories floating around. Even after everyone believed the vigilante to have burned up in the flames of the warehouse, Gabe Lowen was crossing his fingers (metaphorically) and most likely hoping the vigilante was still alive. It’s obvious he wants answers as well as something else but as far as we know, he’s under the impression that “Vincent” died in the fire. Even though the vigilante may have died in the fire, something tells me Gabe won’t stop his search. He’s a desperate man and since he is the one responsible for framing Vincent, he obviously wants to give him a bad rep.

Last but not least, Tess Vargas seems to never be satisfied with the answers she’s given by the people she interviews. She’s constantly trying to figure out why people saw what they saw and won’t be satisfied until she gets to the bottom of this…which, technically, if you remember that she was traveling underneath the streets of NYC as she shot Vincent, she finally DID get to the “bottom.”

Being insatiable is destructive. ‘Nuff Said.

Here’s a fact: Beasties are NEVER insatiable because we’re ALWAYS satisfied every Thursday! 🙂

As for Episode 17 goes, I am anxious to see how Vincent, Catherine and JT handle the tased-Tess situation. I wonder what she’ll do/say when she finds out about V’s condition. Will she accept him? Will she turn him in? Will she simply trust Cat and let it go? So many questions are forming and I hope they’re answered fully in tomorrow’s episode.


You can watch BatB on CW 11 at 9/8 PM central.


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