Brutally Intense



Brutally Intense



Just five minutes ago, I finished watching CW’s Beauty and the Beast and would like to say ONE MAJOR THING:

THAT WAS SOOOOO FREAKING INTENSE!!!!!! Hell, the word, ‘intense’ doesn’t even describe this episode!!! XD

Of course, after watching the previews for “Partners in Crime,” I knew the episode was going to be testing the waters (no pun intended) between Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) but who knew this episode was going to be filled with so much action? And Muirfield wasn’t even a part of the ride this time!

Not only were there great kick-ass scenes but also hilarious JT (Austin Basis) moments as well as romantic VinCat moments! By far, “Partners in Crime” has been JT Forbes’s BEST episode yet!!!! Not only does he have the best lines (like in every OTHER BatB episode) but he ALSO gets to shoot Tess with the tranq-gun. For a guy who lives…ahem…lived in a dusty warehouse (teardrop), he has fairly accurate aim! I wonder if JT was a gang member during his youth…that would explain his BEASTLY aim! Either that or, he must have to practice shooting mannequins during his free time. How else would he have been so prepared during episode 7 “Out of Control”? Who knows, maybe Vincent was also a part of that gang too. Then they would have DEFINITELY been from “da hood”.

I loved how JT mentioned Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because, as Beasties know, BatBNews travels FAST! Evan (Max Brown) gave JT a weird look as if he has never heard of these modern social networks before. That is too PRICELESS—especially considering the fact that our beloved Briton does not have a Twitter. Austin Basis has confirmed that Max Brown has no intentions of joining social media. 😦 If he has a Facebook or even any other social media site, please let me know!!!

When JT said something along the lines of Evan joining the “evil arches,” I laughed seriously hard. Now, I don’t know if there was an intended double meaning to that phrase but when I think of “arches,” I either think of St. Louis, Missouri or I think of McDonalds. Now, you’re probably wondering what does either St. Louis or McDonalds have to do with JT’s statement and I’ll have you know that I can’t think of anything either aside from the fact that McDonalds starts with an ‘M’ and is often called “The Golden Arches.” Just like MickyD’s, Muirfield starts with an ‘M’; thus, JT calls Muirfield “The Evil Arches.”

I thought it was sweet how Vincent thought of Catherine before himself. He was practically demanding her to turn him in. He desperately wants her to live a normal life again—no matter how much he loves her. However, Catherine refuses to rat him out. As she said before in episode 16, “Insatiable,” she and Vincent (and JT) are against the world. Now, after “Partners in Crime,” Catherine can add her renewed BFF, Tess, to that list. If the list gets longer, Vincent might as well find a way to come back from the dead because the more people who know about him, the less amount of people he’ll have to be dead to.

After an AMAZING episode, I have decided that the short conversation between Catherine and Tess in Tess’s apartment was hilarious. I’m glad that Tess is eager to learn about Vincent and Catherine’s love life. Later that night, Evan catches Vincent and Catherine making out on the fire escape. Uh Oh! That can’t be good.

I felt a little bit sorry (A WEE LITTLE BIT) for Evan considering his feelings for Catherine. If only he didn’t choose to walk past Cat’s apartment. Now he’s going to have LOTS of questions. Then again, part of me feels like he deserves that mental slap to the face because of his recent actions concerning Muirfield. I can only guess what would happen if Evan and Vincent were ever put into the same room…I think there might be a cat fight between these two smitten men (^_^).

For an episode that took the course of approximately half a day (I think), a LOT happened! I have seen “Partners in Crime” THREE times since last night and am about to watch my fourth as soon as I’m done typing this review.

Nina Lisandrello was right in saying her favorite episode so far is “Partners in Crime.” It was super intense and Nina was AWESOME! We saw a side of Tess that we’ve never really seen before. Tess is a strong woman and doesn’t like to feel insubordinate to anyone. She does her own thing. The fact that she had to rely on Vincent and Catherine to save her (if she didn’t, she would have drowned of course) was perfect! Sometimes it takes a life/death situation in order for someone to understand a certain side—and that’s exactly what happened with Tess. I’m glad that the Tesserine (Yes, I made that up) relationship is mended because Cat could really use some girl time every once and a while. Speaking of girl time, whatever happened to Heather? Was she so upset about Darius’s death that she decided to move back with her father and step-mother?

Maybe we’ll find out next episode!

On April 18th! Q~Q Gosh, I hate hiatuses…Oh well…I’m sure the BatB cast & crew will bring us something EXTRA juicy when it comes back! 🙂

Stay tuned and watch reruns of Beauty and the Beast on Tuesday nights @ 9/8 c. on the CW. You can tune into the new episodes starting April 18th!

Happy Easter! 🙂



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