IT IS A LIE!!!!!!!

During the day, it came to my attention that someone has been SPREADING A HORRIBLE RUMOR concerning the series Beauty and the Beast. As you all know, this series is one I love dearly and I CANNOT nor WILL NOT sit idly by as this rumor is being shared.

On the Facebook chat group for Beasties, a member posted this link: which fired up a LOT of beasties!!!! NOTE: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK UNTIL YOU FINISH READING THIS POST!!!!!

After several flames were crossed, she finally confessed that it was a bad joke.

First of all, with it being SOOOOO close to April Fools Day, yes; it was a TERRIBLE joke!!!!

I do not know who started this rumor/poor joke but we should all realize that she probably didn’t think about her actions and I’m sure she’s horribly sorry. The last thing we need to do is drive a fellow Beastie away.

Despite the horrible joke, Beasties need to remember that we are family and sometimes family members do stupid things. We should accept this fact with grace and hope this joke or anything similar to it isn’t repeated.

That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks!


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