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I thought that since I was currently bored, I would fill up my time by writing this little note to you! 🙂

If you are bored, here are a few WF001 sites/schtuff you can see/do/read/yatta yatta! 🙂


WriterFreak001’s Username is Keiko Fujiwara! 🙂

VINCAT Stories include:

A New Found Relationship: (complete)

All I Want for Christmas: (complete)

For the Best: (note: this has been put on an indefinite hiatus but you’re welcome to read what is up there!)

Keep Me Safe: (complete)

My Normal is When I’m with You: (work in progress)

One Litre of Tears: (work in progress)

Partners Stick Together: (complete)

People Do Crazy Things When They’re in Love: (complete)

Poetic Reflections: (complete)

Serendipity: (work in progress)

The Day Before: (completion is undecided)

The Perfect Christmas Present: (complete)

To Feel Normal Again: (complete; sequel pending)

Undercover Disaster: (complete; sequel pending)


I’ll Go Wherever You will Go: (note, this website is a little on the crappy side)

My Normal is When I’m With You: (best site I’ve made yet! :D)

What MNiWIWY includes:

Well anyways, I thought that might help with your Summer Boredom!




Answers to Lingering Questions Concerning the Season Finale of BATB

I have read countless reviews of the season finale of Beauty and the Beast and would like to further defend the show. 🙂

Why did Catherine not shoot the rope that was pulling Vincent away?

First of all, I would like to say that at first, I was guilty of wondering the same thing. So I decided to do some further digging by rewatching the scene to figure out why Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) didn’t shoot the rope. The answer is simple. The material pulling up Vincent (Jay Ryan) is not rope at all. In fact, it is steel cable. If Catherine were to shoot the cable, the bullet would only ricochet off instead of cutting the line.



Steel cable is also known as wire rope so it is easy to make a mistake in thinking that Vincent was pulled up by a heavy duty rope but Helicopters use wire roping to carry cargo like they’re carrying Vincent. My grandfather used to run an airport and used to own his own private plane and he has confirmed my understanding that when helicopters carry cargo from underneath, they always use steel cable; never rope.

Why didn’t Vincent rip his way out of the net?

Again, like I said, my grandfather knows his stuff when it comes to airplanes and helicopters and he told me that the material copters use to carry cargo underneath them is strong enough to carry a vehicle. There are various sizes and strengths to cargo netting but I’ve relooked at the type they used for Vincent and it looks like the type of cargo netting that is stronger and more compact than wire netting and manilla rope netting. This net used to capture Vincent is mainly used for military use and if Catherine’s real father was planning on capturing a beast, there’s no way they’d use light and fluffy netting. This stuff has to be the real deal.



Why weren’t there more screaming or something on Catherine’s part?

Granted, there could have been more expression from Catherine as she tried to hold onto Vincent’s hand for as long as possible but I believe that the looks they were giving each other were enough. I could see the conviction behind each of their eyes and that both of them would do whatever they had to do in order to be together again. Besides what good would screaming do for Catherine? Vincent is in this super-military net and being pulled up by a helicopter. There’s not much she can do except for what she did: hold onto his hand as long as possible. If someone were to hear her screaming what would she say? If I were in her position, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do. I mean, Catherine is a strong woman and she doesn’t show her emotions as easily as if it were her sister. Honestly, to me, screaming as a helicopter pulls her loved one away doesn’t suit her. She would lose her cool. Instead, I saw conviction behind her eyes. Instead of losing her cool, I could see a diehard promise not only to Vincent but to herself. I hope others saw it this way too.

What do you think?

Defending the Beast

Defending the Beast

Because my comment was very long, the site would not let me add all of it so I am going to be posting the whole shebang right here!!! 🙂

Before you read my comment below, please click on the link: Defending the Beast (this is a title I came up with for my comment) and read the review written by Carissa Pavlica to understand my comment.


“I understand your dissatisfaction with “Beauty and the Beast”‘s season finale but Gabe’s second thoughts about killing Vincent are very natural. He’s lived by the law as an ADA so it would only seem fit for him to struggle with the final decision to kill Vincent. In the end, he decides to go for it because he wants the same thing Vincent wants with Catherine, a future whether or not it was with Tyler. Tyler, in my opinion, doesn’t want to see Gabe die. She simply reminded him that he cannot take his pills anymore because it’ll kill him. She also told him that killing Vincent would be an immediate solution to his problem and since he wants a normal life more than anything, he listens to her reasoning and finalizes his decision on killing Vincent.

Haven’t you thought that the part concerning Tess’s statement, “We have another problem” might be a cliff hanger within the episode itself?

Of course questions won’t be answered all of the time but I believe Tess’s statement was answered in the events alone with Catherine’s REAL father showing up at the scene. He was the man on that iPad, remember?

Also, I believe that the BatB writers purposely had Muirfield showing up last minute and leaving out details like: How did they know where to go? Were they really only after Gabe? Or did they know about Vincent too because the brought the net?

I have faith in the BatB writers and believe they will answer all of our prolonging questions in Season 2 because they have yet to upset me thus far with the season. As far as I’m concerned, each episode has risen with questions and the next episode has ALWAYS answered them. I believe Season 2 will be greater and better than the first season because “Beauty and the Beast” have so many places to go to since they left many things open in the Season Finale.

Questions will be answered. I’m sure of it so please do not lose faith in the BatB writers.”


After reading my comment and about defending our Beast, please leave a comment and let me know if you agree with me or if you agree with Carissa.


Gabe is a WHAT?


I don’t know about you but I thought Beauty and the Beast‘s second to last episode, “Date Night”, was beyond epic! Not only did it have a focus on Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine’s (Kristin Kreuk) relationship but it also highlighted some very surprising events!

I have to say that “Date Night” was JT Forbe’s (Austin Basis) BIGGEST episode yet!!! I mean, we haven’t seen the guy too much lately because of the whole ordeal of Evan and Tess but I’m glad that when he comes back, he comes back with full force! And a back realignment I might add!

I was glad to see a showdown between JT and Gabeast (Sendhil Ramamurthy) because this episode truly showed how brave JT really is! We all thought, from the first episode, that despite being best friends with S.M.V., JT was a scaredy-cat because he was always the first to pack or freak out. However, “Date Night” definitely proved us wrong! He is stronger than we think because who else takes a toss in the air and a crash-landing into a table but not complain about it? JT of course! Part of me wonders if he’s not as susceptible to pain because S.M.V. used to use him as a pin-cushion when he was first getting a hold of his Beastly Identity. Anyways, whether or not my speculations are right isn’t important. What IS important is that we pay our respects to Austin Basis’s character for duking it out with the Gabeast until S.M.V. and Catherine were able to show up to give the Gabeast a nice nap with the tranquilizer.

Oh. And yeah. I think it would DEFINITELY be a wise idea to NOT leave the castle/apartment/house/whatever-type-of-place-V-&-JT-now-live-in WITHOUT making sure there is a spare tranquilizer. We cannot lose our precious Beastie King!

In case you haven’t figured out yet, Beasties, my favorite character of this whole series is JT Forbes because, let me just say, his lines are AWESOME! Kudos to the writers for all of his lines! 🙂

Anyways….back to taking about the latest BatB episode….

I was literally on pins and needles during the ENTIRE episode last Thursday. I would ask myself questions like: Is Cat really pregnant? Are Vincent and Catherine really deciding it would be best to NOT develop their relationship any further? Is Gabe a good beast or a bad beast? Will Vincent or Catherine find Gabe before he ‘eats JT for a snack’? and etc….

I admit, I wasn’t too happy that Vincent decided to take the pill for a second time but hey, he had good intentions because he really wants to be there with Catherine publicly; not in the shadows.

But, when it came to Chewey and his accomplice beating Catherine up, I feel as if it made Vincent realize that it’s more important to be there for Catherine when she really needs it…like taking care of psycho-revengers like Chewey.

Needless to say, a LOT happened last episode and I’m sure the season finale will end with a bang! I just hope this bang doesn’t include a gun like the mid-season finale. The 6 week wait from December 13th through January 24th was torturous!!!

Just imagine the 5 MONTH wait until Season 2 Episode 1! O.O

Never fear, Beasties, for I have compiled a Beastie Survival Guide as we wait impatiently for the revival of Beauty and the Beast:

Watch the SEASON FINALE of Beauty and the Beast on the CW at 9/8 c. on Thursday, May 16th!!!!!

Make sure to check and for more updates concerning our favorite show!!! 🙂

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought about “Date Night!” and what you look forward to on the Season Finale!!!! 🙂

Jealousy vs. Something Else?

Jealousy vs. Something Else?





So the question is: Was Vincent really jealous? or Was he feeling something else?

Well, in my opinion, I think it is a little bit of both.

First of all, Vincent is part “animal.”

Gabe is also part “animal.”

Animals are very territorial and when animals of the same species (like Beta Fish) are within the same vicinity of one another, sometimes bad things can happen.

Because Vincent is part animal as well as part man, both subparts consist of high territorial instincts and when mixed together, in my opinion, the feeling of intrusion increases tenfold.

Vincent has already told Catherine that something’s up with Gabe even though he can’t put his finger on it. We, as viewers, know that Gabe is similar to Vincent. My guess: Vincent could sense Gabe’s beast qualities but couldn’t put a name to it because he’s never sensed another beast before. So, based on his instincts rather than intellect, he showed common jealousy symptoms (well, okay maybe yellow eyes, black veins and slight showing of fangs shouldn’t count as common jealousy symptoms) and felt very territorial towards Catherine. So, all in all, I feel as if his Beasting-Out episodes are more due to territory and that V feels like G is marking the wrong tree.

That’s just my theory. Feel free to share a comment on why you think V is or isn’t jealous of Gabe.



Oh Snap!


Written by: WriterFreak001



This written review contains spoilers for Episode 20!!!!!


By far, “Anniversary” has started out with the cutest Vincatherine scene yet! Not only is Vincent supporting his girlfriend by making sure she doesn’t wake up alone on the 10th anniversary of her mother’s death, but he also shows a romantic playful side as well! As each episode unfolds, I’m glad to see more of Vincent’s (♥Jay Ryan♥) smiles because, let me say this: he has a B-E-A-U-TIFUL smile! Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) has brought light into his life in more ways than, dare I say her name, Alex, has ever done and we really see a bitter/sweet moment between our favorite star-crossed lovers.

I just absolutely LOVED Vincent’s “well-played” moment as he pulls a 360 and conVINCEs Catherine to celebrate her mother’s “Celestial Birthday” alongside of their own anniversary. The fact that Vincent would RATHER have his girlfriend focus more on her mother’s passing rather than having them spend the whole day in bed together is heartwarming because it shows just how much he truly cares for Catherine. ♥

If I could describe Beauty and the Beast‘s “Anniversary” in one phrase, I would say: “Oh Snap!”

Think about it, “Anniversary” has TONS of “Oh Snap!” moments!

  1. Joe (Brian White) suggesting Tess (Nina Lisandrello) transfer to the 15th: “OH SNAP! He did NOT just say that!”
  2. When Catherine invites GABE to her mother’s Celestial Birthday party: “OH SNAP! You did NOT just invite Gabe over your own BOYFRIEND, did you?!”
  3. Vincent’s apparent jealousy: “OH SNAP! He’s jealoussssss!” =]
  4. Vincent’s transformation: “OH SNAP! He’s so jealous, he transformed!” XD H.O.T.
  5. Vincent’s new decoration of a tree: “OH SNAP! He scratched a tree!”
  6. Mayor gets shot: “OH SNAP! SNIPER!!!!”
  7. Vincent chases down sniper and smashes window: OH SNAP! He smashed in the window!
  8. Vincent calls most recent number: OH SNAP! Gaaaaabe! Ahhh!
  9. Vincent crushes phone out of rage/jealousy: OH SNAP! That’s super sexy!

You get the idea…

Anyways, despite the fact that I’m a pure Vincatherine shipper, I enjoyed Vincent and Catherine’s silly argument because it portrays just how IMPERFECT their relationship truly is! They have to fight day by day to stay together and sometimes they must endure through the rough spots in order to earn happy moments under a celestial sky! 🙂

Alright, now that I’ve touched upon the Vincatherine aspect of the show, let’s cut to the chase and now center this spontaneously typed review on JT Forbes (Austin Basis←Awesome dude by the way).

Let me address something that I feel strongly about: I WANT TO SEE MORE JT! 🙂

Not only does JT Forbes have the BEST one-liners but he’s a HUGE part of the series because without him, Vincent would have gone CRAZY by now. JT, without a doubt, is Vincent’s voice of reason. If I recall…well…actually….I can’t recall anytime when Vincent withheld information from his best friend…aside from the time when he first was showing signs of the fugue crisis. (Yes! That segment of “Saturn Returns”, “Worth”, “Out of Control” AND “Trapped” were, considered in my mind, crisis episodes b/c V was going through some rough times.) Anyways…enough about V….Let’s talk TJ….I mean JT! (^_^;)

JT Forbes, in my mind, is a combination of Cogsworth and Lumiere because not only does he have that panicky side to him (COGSWORTH), he has that romantic-supporter side to him as well (LUMIERE). All we need is for him to start talking with a French accent! Just kidding! ^_^

JT Forbes is PERFECT as he is! Thanks Austin Basis for being perfect at a job you love!

Tess, Catherine’s BFF, has now been dragged into the Beast’s world since “Partners in Crime” and she is really blooming now that her friendship with Catherine has been restored! 🙂 I admit, I was a little shocked that Vincent trusts Tess enough to give him his burner’s number but all in all, I was glad we got to see Tess actually CALL V’s cell. That little interaction proves how much V trusts Cat’s best friend with his secret. Plus, If I were in Vincent’s situation, I would want to have Tess’s number solely for the sake of Catherine. Who knows if there’ll be a time where V would have to depend on Tess to help him find Catherine in any upcoming episode; rather it be in either the next two episodes or in SEASON TWO!!!!!!

In any case, I’m glad the Beast League is growing because, honestly, Vincent could use more friends. 🙂 The more TRUSTING friends he has, the better chance he has to at least feel normal even if he can’t live a completely normal life.

Unfortunately, due to Muirfield, the equivalence of the Devil (according to A.B.’s Beastie 101 class), Vincent can’t have too many friends if he desires to keep as many people safe as possible. POOR VINCENT! Q~Q How DOES he do it?!

Anyways, I think I’ve rambled enough about this episode and all in all, “Anniversary” is by far the BEST BATB episode yet! 🙂 (No shocker there! XD)

Thanks for reading my blog post!


Watch Beauty and the Beast on the NEXT TWO THURSDAY NIGHTS (May 09 & May 16) on the CW at 9/8c. THEN you better ROAR with all of your Beastie heart, soul and mind when the show returns with a SEASON TWO! (Date of S2 E1 is still to be decided)

P.s. RIP Evan Marks! You will be missed Max Brown for your wonderful M.E. performance! YOUR CHARACTER’S SACRIFICE WILL NOT BE IN VAIN! 🙂