Jealousy vs. Something Else?

Jealousy vs. Something Else?





So the question is: Was Vincent really jealous? or Was he feeling something else?

Well, in my opinion, I think it is a little bit of both.

First of all, Vincent is part “animal.”

Gabe is also part “animal.”

Animals are very territorial and when animals of the same species (like Beta Fish) are within the same vicinity of one another, sometimes bad things can happen.

Because Vincent is part animal as well as part man, both subparts consist of high territorial instincts and when mixed together, in my opinion, the feeling of intrusion increases tenfold.

Vincent has already told Catherine that something’s up with Gabe even though he can’t put his finger on it. We, as viewers, know that Gabe is similar to Vincent. My guess: Vincent could sense Gabe’s beast qualities but couldn’t put a name to it because he’s never sensed another beast before. So, based on his instincts rather than intellect, he showed common jealousy symptoms (well, okay maybe yellow eyes, black veins and slight showing of fangs shouldn’t count as common jealousy symptoms) and felt very territorial towards Catherine. So, all in all, I feel as if his Beasting-Out episodes are more due to territory and that V feels like G is marking the wrong tree.

That’s just my theory. Feel free to share a comment on why you think V is or isn’t jealous of Gabe.




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