Gabe is a WHAT?


I don’t know about you but I thought Beauty and the Beast‘s second to last episode, “Date Night”, was beyond epic! Not only did it have a focus on Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine’s (Kristin Kreuk) relationship but it also highlighted some very surprising events!

I have to say that “Date Night” was JT Forbe’s (Austin Basis) BIGGEST episode yet!!! I mean, we haven’t seen the guy too much lately because of the whole ordeal of Evan and Tess but I’m glad that when he comes back, he comes back with full force! And a back realignment I might add!

I was glad to see a showdown between JT and Gabeast (Sendhil Ramamurthy) because this episode truly showed how brave JT really is! We all thought, from the first episode, that despite being best friends with S.M.V., JT was a scaredy-cat because he was always the first to pack or freak out. However, “Date Night” definitely proved us wrong! He is stronger than we think because who else takes a toss in the air and a crash-landing into a table but not complain about it? JT of course! Part of me wonders if he’s not as susceptible to pain because S.M.V. used to use him as a pin-cushion when he was first getting a hold of his Beastly Identity. Anyways, whether or not my speculations are right isn’t important. What IS important is that we pay our respects to Austin Basis’s character for duking it out with the Gabeast until S.M.V. and Catherine were able to show up to give the Gabeast a nice nap with the tranquilizer.

Oh. And yeah. I think it would DEFINITELY be a wise idea to NOT leave the castle/apartment/house/whatever-type-of-place-V-&-JT-now-live-in WITHOUT making sure there is a spare tranquilizer. We cannot lose our precious Beastie King!

In case you haven’t figured out yet, Beasties, my favorite character of this whole series is JT Forbes because, let me just say, his lines are AWESOME! Kudos to the writers for all of his lines! 🙂

Anyways….back to taking about the latest BatB episode….

I was literally on pins and needles during the ENTIRE episode last Thursday. I would ask myself questions like: Is Cat really pregnant? Are Vincent and Catherine really deciding it would be best to NOT develop their relationship any further? Is Gabe a good beast or a bad beast? Will Vincent or Catherine find Gabe before he ‘eats JT for a snack’? and etc….

I admit, I wasn’t too happy that Vincent decided to take the pill for a second time but hey, he had good intentions because he really wants to be there with Catherine publicly; not in the shadows.

But, when it came to Chewey and his accomplice beating Catherine up, I feel as if it made Vincent realize that it’s more important to be there for Catherine when she really needs it…like taking care of psycho-revengers like Chewey.

Needless to say, a LOT happened last episode and I’m sure the season finale will end with a bang! I just hope this bang doesn’t include a gun like the mid-season finale. The 6 week wait from December 13th through January 24th was torturous!!!

Just imagine the 5 MONTH wait until Season 2 Episode 1! O.O

Never fear, Beasties, for I have compiled a Beastie Survival Guide as we wait impatiently for the revival of Beauty and the Beast:

Watch the SEASON FINALE of Beauty and the Beast on the CW at 9/8 c. on Thursday, May 16th!!!!!

Make sure to check and for more updates concerning our favorite show!!! 🙂

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought about “Date Night!” and what you look forward to on the Season Finale!!!! 🙂


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