Defending the Beast

Defending the Beast

Because my comment was very long, the site would not let me add all of it so I am going to be posting the whole shebang right here!!! 🙂

Before you read my comment below, please click on the link: Defending the Beast (this is a title I came up with for my comment) and read the review written by Carissa Pavlica to understand my comment.


“I understand your dissatisfaction with “Beauty and the Beast”‘s season finale but Gabe’s second thoughts about killing Vincent are very natural. He’s lived by the law as an ADA so it would only seem fit for him to struggle with the final decision to kill Vincent. In the end, he decides to go for it because he wants the same thing Vincent wants with Catherine, a future whether or not it was with Tyler. Tyler, in my opinion, doesn’t want to see Gabe die. She simply reminded him that he cannot take his pills anymore because it’ll kill him. She also told him that killing Vincent would be an immediate solution to his problem and since he wants a normal life more than anything, he listens to her reasoning and finalizes his decision on killing Vincent.

Haven’t you thought that the part concerning Tess’s statement, “We have another problem” might be a cliff hanger within the episode itself?

Of course questions won’t be answered all of the time but I believe Tess’s statement was answered in the events alone with Catherine’s REAL father showing up at the scene. He was the man on that iPad, remember?

Also, I believe that the BatB writers purposely had Muirfield showing up last minute and leaving out details like: How did they know where to go? Were they really only after Gabe? Or did they know about Vincent too because the brought the net?

I have faith in the BatB writers and believe they will answer all of our prolonging questions in Season 2 because they have yet to upset me thus far with the season. As far as I’m concerned, each episode has risen with questions and the next episode has ALWAYS answered them. I believe Season 2 will be greater and better than the first season because “Beauty and the Beast” have so many places to go to since they left many things open in the Season Finale.

Questions will be answered. I’m sure of it so please do not lose faith in the BatB writers.”


After reading my comment and about defending our Beast, please leave a comment and let me know if you agree with me or if you agree with Carissa.



3 thoughts on “Defending the Beast

  1. it should have been two hours 😛 I agree, the writers always leave threads dangling only to pick them up in later episodes – I love that about them – maybe only die hard Beasties get that. The writers did warn us that this episode would have a huge cliffhanger and I think that is Catherine’s Dad and who he is – are we SURE Cat’s real dad is with Muirfield? I’m not so sure myself – maybe I need to re-watch for the 4th time and see who’s on the ipad 😛 LOL Striped tie is suppose to be a Muirfield give away but neither Real Dad or the guy with him was wearing one – makes me think not Muirfield.

    1. Indeed. It is possible that Catherine’s real father is not affiliated with Muirfield at all. In fact, he could be a part of an entirely different organization altogether. Maybe he’s actually a part of an organization that cleans up after Muirfield’s tracks or maybe he ordered them to KILL Gabe because he was attacking his daughter and captured Vincent instead for questioning. I think that if he loved Vanessa since Catherine is a result of this connection, he may have been investigating Vanessa’s death,figured out that Muirfield was involved and needed a beast for proof of Muirfield’s experiments to avenge Vanessa. These are just some speculations of mine so we shall see when Season Two comes our way!!! 🙂

  2. The problem is that I see both sides. This episode left me scratching my head both in a good way and bad way.

    I agree with Carissa in that, as compared to other eps maybe this one did not live up to all the hype. Maybe it was an editing issue or something else but at times I felt the execution was lackluster. For example, the way the actors previewed the showdown between the two beasts I thought it would be more epic than it actually was and longer. Perhaps it’s the fact that the writers tend to put so much (sometimes too much) into one episode that makes things that should be intense actually fall flat.

    On the otherhand, I completely get why they did the episode the way they did. I agree 100% that the Tess thing was a cliffhanger in and of itself. Also, like you pointed out, the writers tend to play out an arc so that it still features in later episodes (see the reference to Denver as an example).

    As a whole, I liked the episode. It won’t go down as my favourite but I completely understood why they did what they did. Maybe it’s because I’m already looking at s2 and the epic places all these loose-ends can take us that, despite being slightly lackluster, I still 100% like this ep. Sorry for my rant lol.

    Here’s a great review that gave me perspective as to why I still enjoyed this episode:

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