Answers to Lingering Questions Concerning the Season Finale of BATB

I have read countless reviews of the season finale of Beauty and the Beast and would like to further defend the show. 🙂

Why did Catherine not shoot the rope that was pulling Vincent away?

First of all, I would like to say that at first, I was guilty of wondering the same thing. So I decided to do some further digging by rewatching the scene to figure out why Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) didn’t shoot the rope. The answer is simple. The material pulling up Vincent (Jay Ryan) is not rope at all. In fact, it is steel cable. If Catherine were to shoot the cable, the bullet would only ricochet off instead of cutting the line.



Steel cable is also known as wire rope so it is easy to make a mistake in thinking that Vincent was pulled up by a heavy duty rope but Helicopters use wire roping to carry cargo like they’re carrying Vincent. My grandfather used to run an airport and used to own his own private plane and he has confirmed my understanding that when helicopters carry cargo from underneath, they always use steel cable; never rope.

Why didn’t Vincent rip his way out of the net?

Again, like I said, my grandfather knows his stuff when it comes to airplanes and helicopters and he told me that the material copters use to carry cargo underneath them is strong enough to carry a vehicle. There are various sizes and strengths to cargo netting but I’ve relooked at the type they used for Vincent and it looks like the type of cargo netting that is stronger and more compact than wire netting and manilla rope netting. This net used to capture Vincent is mainly used for military use and if Catherine’s real father was planning on capturing a beast, there’s no way they’d use light and fluffy netting. This stuff has to be the real deal.



Why weren’t there more screaming or something on Catherine’s part?

Granted, there could have been more expression from Catherine as she tried to hold onto Vincent’s hand for as long as possible but I believe that the looks they were giving each other were enough. I could see the conviction behind each of their eyes and that both of them would do whatever they had to do in order to be together again. Besides what good would screaming do for Catherine? Vincent is in this super-military net and being pulled up by a helicopter. There’s not much she can do except for what she did: hold onto his hand as long as possible. If someone were to hear her screaming what would she say? If I were in her position, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do. I mean, Catherine is a strong woman and she doesn’t show her emotions as easily as if it were her sister. Honestly, to me, screaming as a helicopter pulls her loved one away doesn’t suit her. She would lose her cool. Instead, I saw conviction behind her eyes. Instead of losing her cool, I could see a diehard promise not only to Vincent but to herself. I hope others saw it this way too.

What do you think?


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