In Case a Beastie is Bored…Here are some WF001 STUFF for you! :)

Hello Beasties!

Long time no talk…erm…write!

I thought that since I was currently bored, I would fill up my time by writing this little note to you! 🙂

If you are bored, here are a few WF001 sites/schtuff you can see/do/read/yatta yatta! 🙂


WriterFreak001’s Username is Keiko Fujiwara! 🙂

VINCAT Stories include:

A New Found Relationship: (complete)

All I Want for Christmas: (complete)

For the Best: (note: this has been put on an indefinite hiatus but you’re welcome to read what is up there!)

Keep Me Safe: (complete)

My Normal is When I’m with You: (work in progress)

One Litre of Tears: (work in progress)

Partners Stick Together: (complete)

People Do Crazy Things When They’re in Love: (complete)

Poetic Reflections: (complete)

Serendipity: (work in progress)

The Day Before: (completion is undecided)

The Perfect Christmas Present: (complete)

To Feel Normal Again: (complete; sequel pending)

Undercover Disaster: (complete; sequel pending)


I’ll Go Wherever You will Go: (note, this website is a little on the crappy side)

My Normal is When I’m With You: (best site I’ve made yet! :D)

What MNiWIWY includes:

Well anyways, I thought that might help with your Summer Boredom!




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