“Beauty and the Beast” is on a Whole New Level

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“Beauty and the Beast” is on a Whole New Level

Written by: WriterFreak001

Over the summer, I’ve kept up with the panels and the spoilers and the interviews and everything else the BATBNation and the CW were willing to give to us hungry Beasties but everything paled in comparison to watching the actual series. On October 7th, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the animated gifs posted by Canadians because it seriously gave me a premiere to look forward to! And boy! The wait was certainly worth it! 🙂 BATB Season 2 definitely came back packing a punch!

I admit, although I am a diehard fan for the series, Season One certainly had its hiccups (what pilot season doesn’t?) but the comeback for season two was, in my opinion, flawless! I love the entire idea circling around Vincent (Jay Ryan)’s memory loss because it gives the television show a whole new atmosphere! The old Vincent was bashful but the new Vincent…DAMN! He’s certainly not someone I would want to piss off! (i.e. the ending of Episode 2.02: Kidnapped)

As I was mentally planning this season out by trying to guess what might happen in the upcoming episodes, nothing was what I thought it was going to be. At first, I thought Vincent may regain his memory within the first two episodes but considering the fact that Episode 2.02 played last Monday, my theory was inaccurate. I hope the writers do not drag it out too long though but I’m anxious to see how Vincent remembers (since *ahem* reliving experiences *ahem* didn’t work like Cat (Kristin Kreuk) had originally planned).

Episode 2.01 was certainly “achingly romantic” as Kristin Kreuk had said in an interview over the summer but it had it’s kick-ass action too! Catherine has definitely improved her fighting skills and Vincent, dare I say, has become hotter! And I’m not talking about his anger either!

Although I loved Episode 2.01 “Who Am I,” I loved loved LOVED Episode 2.02 “Kidnapped!” I have so much I want to say but I would like to focus on three different scenes.

First scene: EVERYTHING that happens in the Boathouse/houseboat/ (whatever it is called).

The interaction between Vincent and Catherine within the boathouse has to be my favorite scene of BOTH seasons! The moment Vincent yelled at Catherine and told her to shut up, I immediately realized just how different our favorite Beast really is. However, we get a glimpse of Vincent’s caring side when he offers Catherine water, acupressure, and a sandwich! He starts opening up to her and asks her questions about his past. Best part of the scene: Cat seduces him! Even better part: they never finish making their sandwiches! So, the whole night, Cat must have been super hungry because, as far as I could tell in the episode, she didn’t ever eat her sandwich! Maybe she wasn’t hungry for food…wink, wink. I’ll leave the rest to your own imagination.

Second Scene: JT = BUSTED!

The moment I see JT (Austin Basis) stuffing his face with the Turkey & Avocado sandwich Catherine had made for Vincent, I start bursting out with laughter. Typical JT all right. Best part of the scene: Getting busted by Tess (Nina Lisandrello) and Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy). JT’s whole reaction was priceless and, like always, JT couldn’t handle the pressure very well so he rats Cat out and “folds like an accordion” (JT Forbes ~ Episode 04 “Basic Instinct). I absolutely love his line, “Did you try Vincent?” when suggesting a password to Tess. And Tess’s reaction?! Genius! 🙂

Side note: Kudos to the music selectors of the BATB crew because they pick the best songs to enhance each scene!

Third Scene: Vincent’s Bitch Slap

Honestly, I have no other way to describe this scene? Vincent tries to reconnect with Catherine (again) but she starts re-asking all of the questions he told her he couldn’t answer. Yes, I understand she’s begging for his trust but I think Catherine needs to start trusting Vincent too if she even wants to receive a fraction of trust from him. Hate to say this, Beasties, but Catherine was asking for that strike. I’m sure, if Vincent was a normal guy, he wouldn’t have thrown her across the roof but he’s not so her ego and her stomach is going to be bruised for a while, I’m sure. If Catherine had stopped asking all of those questions and started appealing to him as a girlfriend rather than a cop, our favorite couple, VINCAT, would have probably found themselves waking up in Catherine’s bed!

While FanFictions can explore that realm of possibility, I’m glad the TV show is giving Beasties twist upon twist because if Catherine and Vincent ended each episode in a bedroom, the show Beauty and the Beast would be way too predictable and probably undesirable.

I’m so glad the BATBwriters aren’t taking that route!

Oh! One more thing:

Leave a comment if you wish…what do you think about Tess and JT? Ship it? Don’t Ship it? Indifferent?

Well, that’s all I have for now! Stay tuned for other schtuff in the future!

~WriterFreak001Tumblr: http://writerfreak001.tumblr.com/

Watch Beauty and the Beast Season 2 on Monday nights at 9/8c. on the CW!

Season 1 can be found on NetFlix! Refer to this link for other options to watch S1! 🙂


5 thoughts on ““Beauty and the Beast” is on a Whole New Level

  1. I watch each new episode at least once or (three times) a day anxiously anticipating the next episode. I am so loving this new season. Love your article as well. I’ll have to book mark this page as a favorite, don’t facebook or twitter much.

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