My CONDENSED Version to Why I Think People Should Watch CW’s “Beauty and the Beast”



If I wanted to, I could write pages and pages of reasons why I think CW’s Beauty and the Beast is a phenomenal show. However, since my goal is not to scare readers away from BATB, I’ll keep my answer clean and concise. (note: for me, this answer IS clean and concise)

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

First of all, if you are rolling your eyes because you think BATB is a sappy romance show, you’ve got another thing coming! Yes, I admit, the show does have romantic elements (some heavier than other shows) but BATB is not all about the romance. It is about daily struggles, life-changing moments, intense action, suspense, mystery and more! I won’t give any spoilers because I don’t want to give away the entire series but it’s definitely worth watching! You get the whole package!

For the hopeless romantics out there (like me): This show will have struggles and if you watch it, there will be times you will want to throw your screen out of the window (yes, I have contemplated that several times) but what relationship doesn’t have its struggles? If you fall away from the show simply because the romance department is either too slow for you or not working in your favor, please give the show a chance! It definitely pays off in the end! Believe me! You’re not alone for wanting to ship two characters together and yet the shipment (?) doesn’t work in your favor. :/

As I have mentioned in a lot of reviews for the show, what drew me in wasn’t the romance. It wasn’t the mythology or the fact that the show casts a really sexy guy (a.k.a. Jay Ryan).

Please view and drool before I continue! 🙂

Vincent Keller 05_SR (1) Vincent Keller 05_SR (7) Vincent Keller 09_BU (12) Vincent Keller 15_AMP (2) Vincent Keller 16_I (7) Vincent Keller 19_PwF (15) Vincent Keller 20_A (17) Vincent Keller 21_DN (2)

Before I go one with this explanation, I would like to direct you to a video if you need more proof that Jay Ryan is literally one of the sexiest men on the planet:

Okay…enough with the Jay Ryan Visual Appreciation Demonstration, here’s the rest of the article:

What drew me in was the interaction between the characters. Relationships (from romantic to bromantic) are really important in this series. I’m not sure if there really is an episode that doesn’t deal with relationships in some way. And no, I’m not talking about on-screen chemistry in case you were thinking that. The relationships behind these characters made me want to learn more about them.

I think I’ve made my case in explaining why I think more people should watch CW’s Beauty and the Beast. If you’re not sure if you want to give the show a chance, please just watch the first five episodes; the whole first season is on Netflix. If you still don’t want to watch BATB after watching the first five episodes, I’m sorry for you because you would be missing out on a GREAT show!

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 plays Monday nights at 9/ 8c on the CW. The first three episodes as of now (10/22/2013) are posted on the CW website under Beauty and the Beast.




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