More Intense than the Flames Themselves

Hothead - 002

More Intense than the Flames Themselves

Written by: WriterFreak001



I know I keep saying this every episode but damn! Beauty and the Beast episode 2.04 “Hothead” was by far the best episode of the season! I feel like “Hothead” was essentially what Beasties were waiting for all season long. I don’t feel like I can do the episode any justice by simply describing it into words like intense or romantic or epically epic. Literally, there are no words to describe “Hothead” because, in my opinion, it fed me 24/26 Vegetable Soup alphabet noodles and can almost be described as perfect. However, I did say the episode only gave me 24 out of 26 letters–the only two letters that were missing from the episode were “J” and “T”. Can you guess why?!?!?!

Catherine & Tess [2.04 HH] (1)

Based on the episode’s context clues, it has been a month since the ending of episode 2.03 “Liar, Liar.” Cat has done some meditation and taken some kick boxing classes in order to keep her mind off of Vincent for the past four weeks. As “Hothead” starts off, Catherine and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) are ready to have some girl time and take a break from beasts–especially a certain beast named Vincent.

“Vincent who?”

Meanwhile, as the girls start their GNO (Girls’ Night Out), Vincent is desperately trying to keep his mind off of a certain cat–and no, it isn’t one with four paws and with whiskers. We see him working out (THANK GOD) as he is talking to Condor a.k.a. FBI Agent Bob Reynolds (Guest star: Ted Whittall) over the phone. One thing is easy to tell: Vincent is PISSED off! He wants to finish Reynolds’s list ASAP because in his mind, the faster he completes his missions, the sooner he can start his relationship back up with Catherine without having to lie to her (but really, would Condor/ Reynolds actually let Vincent off the hook once he’s done with these missions?? Methinks not!!).

I have to say something because I know every fan-girl reading this review definitely agrees with me:

An Angry Vincent beast = An very SEXY Vincent Beast. 🙂

Don’t believe me? Maybe these will help solidify my claim:

Vincent Keller [2.04 HH] (2)

Vincent Keller [2.04 HH] (3)However, for those who have seen the episode, we all know that Vincent wasn’t the ONLY one to go CODE YELLOW on someone.

Our dear Catherine was having a great time with Tess but, as anyone should expect, things don’t end very well. She gets hit on by a drunk and when several verbal warnings aren’t enough, she decides to shove his stupidity back into his face. LITERALLY. O.O And you’d think one violent act would be enough but not for Catherine Chandler! She bitch-slaps D-Bag’s friend in the face and kicks off the episode with extreme intensity by whacking her foot into Judge Gavin’s face.

Talk about explosion!

Catherine Chandler [2.04 HH] (2) Catherine Chandler [2.04 HH] (3) Catherine Chandler [2.04 HH] (4)

And we can tell that Tess tried to warn her!

Tess Vargas [2.04 HH] (1)(By the way, I’m just getting started with this review b/c I have a LOT to say!!!)

Moving on, Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) has to bail Cat and Tess out of jail and wasn’t thoroughly happy about it. However, he still managed to sneak in a snarky comment, causing Tess to smirk a little (budding romance in the future??? Your thoughts?).

 “Trouble is getting a flat tire! You flattened a judge!” Catherine & Tess [2.04 HH] (2)

To summarize the next few scenes, we have Gabe suggesting a theory to Cat, Cat declining this theory, Gabe going to see Vincent so he can introduce his theory (behind Cat’s back of course) and Sexy Mr. Vincent is still way too pissed off to even consider Gabe’s theory even though he did say he was interested. Then again, he was probably only Interested because he wanted another beast to eliminate. Vincent Keller [2.04 HH] (4)

Then, his pissed off attitude causes him to be irrational and impulsive. He leaps into the fire and acts like he owns the place as he confronts the Flame Beast a.k.a. Arsonist Eddie Long (Vladimir Jon Cubrt). Because his anger was clouding his judgment, he gets himself torched by the Flame Beast and ends up in the hospital (which unfortunately interrupts Cat from her heavenly massage!).

We all know what happens from there: he meets his nephew, he has a few flashbacks, he beasts out, jumps out a window, complains to Condor about his flashback issue and finds Catherine waiting for him at his houseboat. Of course she’s there! Just when he thinks he should stay away from memory-catalysts, she–of all people–ambushes him inside his own home. LOL And we learn something about Vincent we’ve never learned before: Vincent was a fire fighter?! Vincent Keller [2.04 HH] (5)

 Talk about a shocker!!! O.O

Let’s not forget his nephew, Aaron Keller (Bryan DeChart): Capture

All in all, I thought the writers did an EXCELLENT job again! This episode was definitely owned by Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and Ryan’s performance was flawless (but when is it not? lol). I was a little disappointed that Austin Basis did not star in this episode but regardless, “Hothead” was just under perfect. Bravo! 🙂

And we finally get our VINCAT kiss (not much to say other than it was another perfect VINCAT kiss! :D)

Here’s a picture to appease the readers:Vincent & Catherine [2.04 HH] (3)

I feel like I’ve spoiled a lot (I know, shame on me) but I really loved this episode!!! It was pure genius! The ending was perfect and very touching! In case no one has seen the tweets / Facebook posts, Beauty and the Beast is the second television show to ever cast a scene with the World Trade Center memorial. And for no. 2, the scene was very touching as it should be.

Vincent & Catherine [2.04 HH] (1) Vincent & Catherine [2.04 HH] (2)

I really hope I did the episode justice because by far, it was the best episode BATB has offered and I have no doubts that the writers will give us even better episodes. Congratulations to the cast for presenting a great episode!

Watch Beauty and the Beast on Mondays at 9/8 c. on the CW. Missed an episode or want to re-watch them because you love them so much? Visit and watch them online! 🙂

What are your thoughts on “Hothead?” Is there anything you’d like to see me include for future reviews? Please let me know! 😀


Hothead - 001


5 thoughts on “More Intense than the Flames Themselves

  1. Thanks for the review, as always I look forward to any article in connection with this show. I agree that it’s intensifying with each episode and getting more exciting. BatB writers, pls note to keep the pace. From what I read, I question how much advertising is being addressed to this show on TV, Once again keep up your good work!

  2. This year so far has turned out to be amazing.The Hothead episode was great all the way around.Keep up the great work actors and writers.You are great together

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