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BATB Theories

So…I just thought of this and thought I would share in case you would like to comment on my ideas.

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I read in an interview ( that Muirfield was just the front of a larger corporation creating beasts. Let’s say the BIG BAD WOLF faction (see for BBW reference) was also a part of this larger corporation (since they didn’t seem to know about Vincent Keller). Anyway, the interview said that the creators of the Beast cocktail (no matter what faction they were from) were trying to recreate a species that has been extinct for centuries.

My theories: 

  • Gabe is still a beast—his beast is just taking a nap as it tries to recover.
  • Catherine has SOMETHING coded into her DNA that connects her to Vincent. Perhaps Vanessa Chandler wanted to protect her…. So Mother Dearest may have done something to her DNA to ensure that she would always have a protector (aka Vincent). No matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, they can’t.
  • But if Vincent was written into her DNA somehow, why didn’t he confront her after he saved her (he couldn’t help it, right?)? Good question! ^_^ Perhaps it wasn’t Vincent who was written into her DNA. Maybe she had some sort of Beasty pheromone encoded into her DNA, and Vincent happened to be the lucky beastard who came into her life first. I think he sensed her when he saved her, but since he was afraid she would repulse him, he kept his distance in Season 1, but always watched over her. When they finally made physical contact, methinks THAT is when the attraction multiplied tenfold. The moment they first touched, Catherine was etched into Vincent’s very soul. (Call it an imprint if you will)  [Please note that I hate Twilight; I just had no other term to describe the theory.]
  • Perhaps HITLER was secretly a part of this BBW faction (or even a Big WORSE Wolf Faction) and THAT is why he was in search of the Aryan race? PERHAPS, this BEASTLY RACE WAS THE ARYAN RACE?!?!?!?! But each of Hitler’s test subjects failed to give him the results he wanted.

A lot to think on…that’s all I have right now! What do you think?


BATB’s 2.09 “Don’t Die On Me” Context Clues Analysis & Theories


Hello Beasties!

I have watched Beauty & the Beast‘s 2.09 “Don’t Die On Me” three times now, and wanted to share with you some things I have uncovered by paying attention to the context clues spoken by our characters.

As Tori and Vincent walk into JT’s place, Tori tells the professor that Catherine had shot Vincent. 

~Vincent’s response: “It’s not that bad.” 

My analysis: 

Vincent is defending Catherine because he doesn’t want JT or Tori to blame her for shooting him. (He may not realize it at the time, but he still cares for her)

Tori is tending to Vincent’s wound and says, “Like it or not, we’re in this together.” 

My analysis:

Tori isn’t as shallow as many beasties believed her to be. She recognizes Vincent’s brotherly feelings towards her. She knows he inwardly loves Catherine even if he is still denying it. Besides, Tori, if anything, has pride. She doesn’t seem like the one to purposely drive a wedge between Vincent and Catherine. In my opinion, she wouldn’t want to be that girl. 

Reader: But what about the kiss in Episode 2.07 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

WF001: They had a strange reaction issue…. By now, it’s obvious Tori and Vincent are over that. (plus, Vincent needed to force Catherine out of his life AND FAST due to Reynolds’s threat! How else was he supposed to get her angry at him?)

Catherine: “Whatever you’re thinking, forget it. I am not dragging you down with me on this. I won’t let you. 

Gabe: “You won’t let me? Try and stop me! Look Catherine, I didn’t just set out to save Vincent. I set out to save you too, and I obviously haven’t done that yet. And, I’m going to whether you like it or not.” 

My analysis:

Gabe realizes Catherine only thinks of him as a FRIEND. Just because he’s willing to be there for her, doesn’t mean he’s set out on ruining her relationship with Vincent. True, things with Vincent aren’t too hot right now, and Gabe knows that. However, did you see him jumping at the chance to ask Catherine out or tell her his feelings? Nope! I didn’t! Gabe may have fallen for her (or maybe he thinks he likes her but what he actually feels is indebtedness. She *did* save him after all.) Gabe is loyal, if anything, to Catherine. I respect him for not bombarding Catherine’s life and asking her out. She needs time, and he has accepted that. He also is willing to wait (much like Evan), but I believe Gabe doesn’t think Catherine’s relationship with Vincent is over.

Catherine: “But would you rather die here or take a risk out there?” 
Vincent: It’s a risk either way! Not for you, *maybe not anymore*, but for me it is.” 

My Analysis: 

That word, “maybe,” is very powerful. Basically, Vincent second-guessed himself. If he had this conversation with Catherine at the beginning of the episode when she told him he shouldn’t blame her for shooting him, he most likely wouldn’t have included this little maybe-clause.

This maybe-clause hints to the audience (or it should, anyway) that Vincent is slowly regaining his hope in his relationship with Catherine. He might not realize it yet, but he is. It’s no doubt that he still cares for her (as she still cares for him). I swear, if he was in that antique store when Laura Scott (Hayley Webb, Teen Wolf) threatened to kill Catherine, he would have gone bonkers. Luckily, he wasn’t there at that point or else he would have been in worse condition than in the actual situation.

Vincent: “I am the one who suffers the consequences when this whole thing blows up in my face.” 

My Analysis: 

Our Vincent is slowly coming back!!!! 🙂 Back in S1, Vincent was vulnerable and scared of coming out of hiding. He was afraid of what Muirfield could do. At the beginning of S2, he was basically a robot. He wasn’t really scared of anything (until Catherine came back into his life and slowly started helping him regain his humanity). I think, Catherine’s shot to his gut, brought his humanity back more than anything. It opened a box of emotions that were locked up for a very long time. Now, that he admits he’s scared of venturing into the world, he’s admitting a human emotion he lacked for a very long time. 🙂

Agent (or shall I say, Former Agent) Robert Reynolds: “I saved her…from things like you…” 

My Analysis: 

I think Daddy Dearest knows more than he’s letting on. There’s something deeper than just protecting Catherine from beasts. I think….I think Reynolds knows something about the mythology behind Catherine and Vincent. I believe that’s why he brainwashed the poor guy in the first place! He wanted Vincent to forget about Catherine, kill beasts and then die. However, when Catherine came back into Vincent’s life, that thwarted Daddy Reynolds’s plans. So, I think Reynolds knows something about Vincent and Catherine’s relationship—and that’s why he wanted Vincent dead. So Vincent could stay away from Catherine for all eternity. (FAT CHANCE OF THAT EVER HAPPENING!!! HA!) I mean, come on, Vincent and Catherine’s current (AND VERY BRIEF) separation DEFIES the laws of the universe!!!


PPCH ( & my theories: 

  • Daddy Warbucks (I mean Windsor) was affiliated with the BIG BAD WOLF (unknown faction that knows about beasts). We think, after his Muirfield cocktail, the powers weren’t enough for him. He wanted more. With his money and power, he probably paid another group (the BIG BAD WOLF) to create a beasty booster—something to enhance his beastliness. THAT’s why the Laura & Company (affiliated with the BBW) knew about Kurt Windsor’s beast.
  • Tori wasn’t born with Beast! Tori had surgery a while back to get that tracker put in her. We believe that tracker was used as a precaution. It was clear, no matter how twisted Kurt Windsor was, that he loved Tori. Perhaps he had the BBW give Tori some of that cocktail during her surgery! (That’s why she JUST discovers that she’s a beast!)
  • Reynolds knows something about the BBW  Vincent certainly got revamped during his capture. Who is to say Reynolds didn’t invest in the BBW’s resources? That would explain how Vincent & Tori had some sort of physical reaction with one another. They both would have part of the same cocktail.
  • Vincent remembers more than he’s letting on/ he remembers more than we originally thought. He told Tori that “all he knows how to do is hide.” THAT IS A MAJOR MEMORY CLUE!!!! He remembers that he was in hiding. Sure, someone might have told him that he went into hiding, but that emotion? It wouldn’t have been there if he didn’t remember it.

Okay, that’s all I have! 🙂 

I hope you enjoyed my babble!

Please let me know what your thoughts are!!!