BATB Theories

Catherine Chandler [2.09 DDOM] (1)

BATB Theories

So…I just thought of this and thought I would share in case you would like to comment on my ideas.

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I read in an interview ( that Muirfield was just the front of a larger corporation creating beasts. Let’s say the BIG BAD WOLF faction (see for BBW reference) was also a part of this larger corporation (since they didn’t seem to know about Vincent Keller). Anyway, the interview said that the creators of the Beast cocktail (no matter what faction they were from) were trying to recreate a species that has been extinct for centuries.

My theories: 

  • Gabe is still a beast—his beast is just taking a nap as it tries to recover.
  • Catherine has SOMETHING coded into her DNA that connects her to Vincent. Perhaps Vanessa Chandler wanted to protect her…. So Mother Dearest may have done something to her DNA to ensure that she would always have a protector (aka Vincent). No matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, they can’t.
  • But if Vincent was written into her DNA somehow, why didn’t he confront her after he saved her (he couldn’t help it, right?)? Good question! ^_^ Perhaps it wasn’t Vincent who was written into her DNA. Maybe she had some sort of Beasty pheromone encoded into her DNA, and Vincent happened to be the lucky beastard who came into her life first. I think he sensed her when he saved her, but since he was afraid she would repulse him, he kept his distance in Season 1, but always watched over her. When they finally made physical contact, methinks THAT is when the attraction multiplied tenfold. The moment they first touched, Catherine was etched into Vincent’s very soul. (Call it an imprint if you will)  [Please note that I hate Twilight; I just had no other term to describe the theory.]
  • Perhaps HITLER was secretly a part of this BBW faction (or even a Big WORSE Wolf Faction) and THAT is why he was in search of the Aryan race? PERHAPS, this BEASTLY RACE WAS THE ARYAN RACE?!?!?!?! But each of Hitler’s test subjects failed to give him the results he wanted.

A lot to think on…that’s all I have right now! What do you think?


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