WriterFreak001’s Analysis & Theories for BATB 2.13 “Till Death”

WriterFreak001’s Analysis & Theories for

BATB 2.13 “Till Death”



Note: I am going to try doing things a liiiiittle bit differently than my previous analyses and speculation-babbles. First, for now on, I’m going to include credits of the episode (so you all know that I am not the mastermind behind the TV series we all know and love). Let me know if you like this layout! ^_^


Director || Stuart Gillard

Teleplay || Jennifer Levin & Sherri Cooper

Story || Roger Grant

Synopsis || CAT AND VINCENT’S FEELINGS FOR ONE ANOTHER RE-SURFACE — In an effort to track down Sam’s captor, Vincent and Cat have to work together on Valentine’s Day, which forces Cat to evaluate whether she wants to be in a relationship with Gabe.


First of all, before I evaluate the episode, I would like to explain my interpretation of the synopsis. To most of us, the synopsis seemed misleading—especially to those who have seen “Till Death” already. However, after seeing the episode, I can take the synopsis into context, and firmly believe that the BATBWriters did NOT actually lead us astray. Go ahead, re-read the synopsis very slowly; let it sink in for a moment.

(continue reading after moment)

Now, re-read the first ALL-CAPS line again…

Okay, now that you’ve had the chance to re-read the synopsis of BATB’s “Till Death,” let me ask you this question: Did Vincent (Jay Ryan) & Catherine’s (Kristin Kreuk) feelings re-surface?

(this is where I clamp my hands over my ears as all of you shout “NO!” at me.)

My answer: YES!

First of all, it’s obvious that Vincent’s feelings for Catherine have resurfaced, mainly because he admitted his feelings to his best friend, JT (Austin Basis). However, what about Catherine? Well, as you read through my analysis, you’ll either figure it out yourself, or you’ll pick it up when I mention bits and pieces of my answer to your burning question.

All right, ON WITH THE ANALYSIS!!!!! 🙂

Scene 1 ~ Catherine Catches Gabe Inside the Dungeon

|| The Hand ||

01  I have always been suspicious of Gabe—heck, I still think he is a bad guy! This episode, in my opinion, has answered my suspicions in many ways. First of all, in the first scene, the way Gabe’s hand grazes over claw mark on the wall is just…weird. If he was investigating the claw-mark, I doubt he would have gently run his fingers over the dents inside the cellar wall. In fact, I think he’s been in that chamber before—or he knows the beast who made the claw-mark. The way he touched it was wayyyyy too fishy. It was almost as if he was remembering a memory.

|| Coffee ||

02Coffee? Really?

Okay, so we know the night before, Catherine had mentioned to Gabe via phone that she was going to the dungeon. Well, we also know that Gabe is a smart guy. I can infer that Gabe knows about the elixir JT had made because, who of the Beast Team doesn’t? I also believe Gabe wants the elixir for himself—to test it on himself and possibly make him a beast again.

So, my theory is that Gabe wanted to sneak into the dungeon early in the morning so he could snatch that vial from the dungeon. However, when he got there, that vial was gone—someone had already taken it. I honestly think the ‘coffee’ he bought was merely to cover his ass and give him a weak but solid alibi.

|| Catherine’s Beast-Flash ||

03In my opinion, those flashbacks SHOULD have been a warning to Catherine. You know what they say; the BODY speaks louder than words…. Okay, maybe they don’t really say that, but we all know it’s true. Based on everything that’s happened, I can’t blame her, in the end, for not heeding her mental warnings. Though, remember in Season 1 where her gut feeling was almost always right? Yeah, I think this is one of those times…. Something is off with Gabe. The question is: what?

My theory: he’s still a beast, but because of his little flat-lining revival, he has much more control over his changes.

|| The Spilt Coffee ||

04In my opinion, those flashbacks SHOULD have been a warning to Catherine. You know what they say; the BODY speaks louder than words…. Okay, maybe they don’t really say that, but we all know it’s true. Based on everything that’s happened, I can’t blame her, in the end, for not heeding her mental warnings. Though, remember in Season 1 where her gut feeling was almost always right? Yeah, I think this is one of those times…. Something is off with Gabe. The question is: what?

Scene 2 ~ Catherine, Sam & Dana Talk

|| Storage Space? For realz?! ||

05Okay….so Sam’s (Tom Everett Scott) ‘shock’ was not very believable. “You mean there’s like a storage space under there?” The inflection in his voice, in my opinion, makes me believe he’s hiding something. It was almost as if he was shocked that Catherine found it. At this point, I bet his mind was reeling, thinking, “Oooooh Crap! Gotta think of a story, and quick!”

He was DEFINITELY quick to try and throw Catherine off by saying it’s a sewer line. If I was trapped for five years, and after all that time, I find out that there’s a room underneath the room I’ve been in, I’d be pissing my pants! I also, for some odd reason, would want to learn more about it. Not try to dismiss it.

|| Come with me to the Emera—ahem—Vowel Renewal ||

06Sam’s all like: Catherine, you should totally come to the vowel renewal ceremony!!!

He said it so enthusiastically; I swear, I think he actually wanted Catherine dead…something tells me Sam’s target wasn’t originally Gabe—but, Catherine. Think about it, she declined his invitation due to her oh-so-called Valentines plans. So… (The “Bandaging the Wound?” scene in a later babble will complete this thought).

Scene 3 ~ The New Boss

|| Bottom Line ||

07I haven’t figured him out yet…. Something tells me he’s legitimate…. I have no reason, as of yet, to think he has something involved with beasts. He seems like he really wants to get the 125th Precinct back in order. I kind of like how there’s now a character that doesn’t know anything about beasts. It keeps some reality to the show, you know?

However…something does tell me that either Catherine or Tess or BOTH will be fired by the end or near the end of the season. My wager lands on Catherine.

|| Zero Action ||

08So…looks like the cat is still not out of the bag. Tess (Nina Lisandrello) confesses that she had done ‘something’ at Thanksgiving, but because Cat has been so busy with her own issues, she still has not figured out that Tess and JT have some sort of thing going on.  Now look who’s keeping relationship secrets from whom. I hope Cat does find out soon—it’s important for the FANTASTIC FOUR (Vincent, Catherine, JT & Tess) to stay completely honest with one another. If JT & Tess are going to start some sort of relationship, I think Catherine deserves to know. (Besides, Tess grilled Catherine in S1 for not telling her about the kiss from Evan). Something tells me Catherine will find out soon though. Perhaps in the next episode???

Scene 4 ~ Bromance At Its Finest

|| Movie? ||

09I love that the BROMANCE is back between JT & Vincent. It’s almost like none of the past 12 episodes have ever happened! Anyway, I think this scene brings out the best lines of the episode—especially all of the references to “Les Miserables.” This scene really brings out Vincent’s mindset, and I really liked that about this episode. We see a lot of Vincent, and that’s just GREAT! 🙂 The moment he decides to stay as far away from Catherine as possible, I believe his feelings for her start to shine. I mean, if I was Vincent, and some guy (even if it’s Gabe) is making the love of my life happy, I wouldn’t have the restraint to stay away. He’s willing to stay in the shadows, so to speak, for the sake of Catherine’s happiness. That’s admirable, if you ask me.

|| On My Own…NOT ||

The only thing I have to say about this tiny scene is that I can TOTALLY 10see the sexual tension between Catherine & Vincent. It looks like Tess can sense it too.

Vincent seemed uncomfortable around Catherine, like a little boy with a crush. It’s cute, and adorable. 🙂 I loved Vincent’s line, by the way, “Great, so much for being on my own.”

Scene 5 ~ Sam, Dana, Tess, Vincent & Catherine Meet Up

|| Bandaging the Wound ||


Sam is one big, fat liar. His little invitation to Catherine failed at first attempt. So, what does he do? He invites the whole Beastie Gang (Oh, and Gabe) to his event. What better way than to lead Catherine into a trap? To throw off suspicion, he invites Vincent too. (More reasons will come later)

|| Valentines’ Plans Say What?!?!?! ||

 12Valentines’ Day, huh? (Technically, Friday is Valentines’ Day, not Saturday.) Vincent’s expression was PRICELESS! Even Catherine also gave him an awkward look! Old Flame Memories, perhaps? 🙂

Scene 6 ~ Catherine & Gabe’s Awkward Phone Conversation

13|| Money…Hmmmm… ||

That’s a lot of cash…. Sketchy much?

14|| Sketchy Photographer ||

I have a lot to say about this picture. Why would Gabe be in the back of a convenience store to get his picture taken? In a later scene, he tells Catherine that he was getting his passport renewed… Well… I might not be an expert, but I’m pretty sure we’ve reached a point in the New Age where passport renewals can be done online painlessly. Another thing to think about (as pointed out by my friend, Pirate Potter Crazy Hufflepuff)? Gabe is a man of money—literally; he has money growing on trees. Again, why would he be paying someone (in cash, I might add) to renew his passport behind a counter? He should be able to walk in to a facility, get his picture taken without fail. (I don’t think he was planning on leaving the country with Catherine…)

One more thing….

Catherine told him about the security detail…. If he was really renewing his passport for the purpose of solely taking Catherine to Mexico…, methinks he would have asked for his money back and would have canceled the photo-session. (Just my two-cents though)

He grunted in frustration when Catherine asked him to change his plans…. What if…(I just thought of this)…what if he and Sam BOTH want Catherine dead, but for different ulterior reasons?!?!?!?! Think about it, Gabe would be the PERFECT distraction to take Catherine to a remote location only to kill her off in the process. He would kill Catherine, fake his own death in the process (perhaps some sort of explosion), and flee the country to Mexico? (or, Mexico was just a front—something to distract people from actually finding him). He knows the system; he’s a smart guy after all. He’ll do whatever he could to go around the system.

Scene 7 ~ Vincent & Catherine’s Mono Y Mono

15|| Heartbeat 101 ||

Catherine may be denying it, but her heart is beating for Vincent. ♥

16|| The Furnace ||

 Is it just me or does it feel like the plot keeps on thickening? (that’s a good thing, mind you.)

Scene 8 ~ The Fantastic Four

17|| Balloons ||

Seriously the BEST line of the episode: “I like balloons.” This line depicts Vincent and JT’s gold relationship. 🙂 Vincent, though subtle, is sticking up for JT—and I like that a lot!

Scene 9 ~ The Interrogation Room

18|| Sam…Sam…Sam… ||

Sam gets pulled into an interrogation room by Catherine & Vincent. Sam learns that Catherine is onto him (hence the crematory) and makes up some BS’ed sob story about how he was forced into making the serums. (Yeah, right!) Anyway, he needed a change of tactic…sooo….he throws Vincent & Catherine 2 names to make him seem all the more innocent. (Note, in case you were wondering, Vincent was there due to his polygraph senses. However, I’m sure Sam-I-Am is very well aware of Vincent’s abilities, but the rest of the gang doesn’t know all that Sam knows.)

Except….one of those names was….


Gabriel Lowan….


I don’t believe Gabe and Sam are working together.

However, I do believe they both are striving for something BIG.

Why else would Gabe really want to involve himself in all of those beast cases? To win Catherine’s affections? To help Vincent? Puh-lease. He wanted to gain everyone’s trust since his little scheme from S1 failed. It’s obvious that Gabe needed a new tactic—so what better way than to play MVP in the eyes of the NYPD?

As far as Sam goes….

I believe Sam’s alias is Barnes. He pays conman to meet up with Gabe periodically (when Gabe was a beast). I wonder…what if Conman & Gabe were working together under the supervision of Barnes himself? Gabe, when under his meds, wouldn’t have sensed Sam’s presence (remember, it was dark?), and perhaps Conman was Gabe’s Tyler-substitute. While Gabe was probably dating Tyler (and used her as a means to obtain meds), he was (on the side) working with Conman. Gabe probably wanted to find beasts, and experiment on them to try to find a solution to his beasting-out problem. What better way than to start with the legion created from your very own orphanage? That would be a GREAT place to start, if you ask me. I’m guessing Gabe didn’t know that Conman wasn’t the actual Barnes—that the ‘real’ Barnes was observing him from the shadows.

Sam just states ‘experiments,’ so who knows what Sam & Conman (& occasionally Gabe, without Sam) could have been cooking. Sam could have used Gabe as a pawn of resources in order to learn of the names of the other beasts. I think Sam wanted Conman to go through with helping Gabe as much as possible, but Mr. Crazy had other plans for Gabriel Lowan.

I’m guessing, once all of the trials failed, Gabe never showed again—making Sam miss his mark.

Remember Tori’s dear old Dad? Well, what if he was the first successful side-experiment of creating beasts? (This, of course would have happened after Gabe had left his personal projects).

Needless to say, Sam needed a diversion—he used Lowan because of possible history together. Gabe may know more than he’s letting on about the beast operations, so that’s why Sam probably changes his target from Catherine to Gabe. (hence the “You can invite the ADA too.” line from a past scene.)

Scene 10 ~ Vincent & Catherine in the Precinct

20|| Octogenarian Beasts ||


Catherine asks the question (my version of the question): Former beasts would still be able to avoid your (Vincent) sense of lying, right????

Keep this scene in mind…it will be important later.

21|| Never Too Close ||

Vincent is probably praising the heavens in his mind right now. 🙂 I love how absentmindedly close they are. 🙂

Scene 11 ~ Is Gabe a Suspect?

22|| Vincent’s Relationship Advice ||

 Catherine: “Why do you keep defending him?”

I love this line! Particularly because it seems like Catherine doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Gabe. She’s hoping Vincent would point him out as the bad guy. It could be Catherine’s Bad Boy streak resurfacing, but I think she secretly wants to be with Vincent and this whole thing with Gabe is just a way to make the Beast jealous. (I don’t think Catherine is aware of this subconscious thought, but it’s totally there).

23|| Airline Charge to Mexico ||

Why would Gabe have a CASH withdrawal for $5,000? That seems a bit high…. And “East River Chemical East?” I think those Mexico tickets are legit….I think he bought two of them… and my explanation will be included in the next caption.

24|| Mexico?! ||

Like I said, I think Gabe did in fact purchase 2 tickets to Mexico….but I don’t think he was really renewing his passports earlier. (If he was, it was to be under a different alias). His reasoning for getting his picture taken will be provided further down this analysis, but I do think he was planning on taking Catherine to Mexico…. Yet… perhaps, he wasn’t planning on returning to her. He DID say “to Mexico.” He never said “round-trip tickets.” Perhaps he had bigger plans after all…and either Catherine was a big part of it, or just a nuisance—keep your friends close and your enemies closer…. Heh. Heh. Heh heh heh.

Scene 12 ~ Break-In to Gabe’s Loft

25|| The Serum ||

I don’t think Gabe placed this serum there…. I do think THAT was all Sam. Sam and Gabe, whatever their own agendas are, in my opinion, are working against one another. Sam is trying to shut Gabe up from whatever really happened in the dungeon; Gabe probably isn’t aware of who Sam may really be, so I think he’s innocent in that aspect, but that serum….it’s partially empty. I do think Gabe must have found it, used it (because once a beast, always a beast), and put it back.

Whatever is really going on here, Sam chose Gabe for some reason…. I don’t know what it is, but they must know each other. How else would Sam know that Gabe was once a beast?

Scene 13 ~ BEAST-OUT

|| WTF, Gabe?! ||

26When Vincent presents this vial to Gabe, he’s not the least bit shocked. Vincent asks him to explain himself, and Gabe immediately turns to Catherine (avoiding the question) and says, “You’ve been talking to him about me?”

Vincent immediately replies, “It’s the serum that Barnes forced JT to make. What was it doing in your apartment?”

Gabe quickly (again) deflects the question by countering Vincent. “What were you doing in my apartment?”

Vincent: “Answer the question!”

Gabe: “I have no idea what it was doing there; for all I know, you planted it.”

Question, Gabe. Why would Vincent plant the serum in your apartment only to find it and confront you about it later? That seems like a waste of time, to me.

For Catherine’s sake, Vincent backs off; he senses no lies from Gabe. (Remember the foreshadowing I pointed out earlier?)

Cat immediately defends Vincent; however, she’s not quick enough to defend her own so-called boyfriend. (Thank goodness, right?!?!)

This whole scene is another big reason why I don’t trust Gabe.

27|| Way to Rub It In, Catherine ||

Now this is what I’ve been waiting for since the first episode of S2. Based on what Catherine said, “It was not long ago when you tried to kill Vincent…and locked me up.”

I knew this fact had to still bother her a little bit. This scene proves it still does (at least in the back of her mind, anyway).

|| Gabe No Lies? ||

28Gabe asks Vincent: “You know I’m telling the truth when I say I have never seen that vial in my whole life?”

Vincent nods and tells him he knows.

Well, like I said, Catherine handed us the answer RIGHT THERE! For all we know, Gabe has been putting antiperspirant on his sweat glands every day for the past who knows what! He could also be wearing a tack in his shoe! He is, after all, the one who taught Catherine how to lie to Vincent.


Scene 14 ~ That Was Really Bad

29 || Kidding… ||

Catherine realizes how bad the Gabe situation is. Vincent tries to reassure her that it wasn’t as bad as she thinks…. Primarily because Gabe wasn’t ‘at fault.’ Catherine, ‘kiddingly’ of course, says, “At least we would have gotten another lead on the case…” I’m telling you, she really wants Gabe to be the bad guy as much as Vincent does!!!

She even tells Vincent (CONFESSION!) that she has been hiding in her ‘friendship’ with 30him to avoid moving forward with Gabe.

Scene 15 ~ Cat & Tess on the Phone

31|| Blind Chemist ||


Scene 16 ~ Dana, Cat & Sam

|| The Show Must Go On ||

32So…Adam is new information….

This is my two cents…. Sam got into biochemistry (with good intentions) to save his son. He discovered beasts (perhaps found out about Gabe)…. I bet he thought he could have used Beast blood or something to save Adam. Obviously Adam wouldn’t have been able to handle intense DNA steroids. So, Adam dies. However, the road of Beasts doesn’t end for Sam…. He probably got so obsessed with it, in the long run, that he decided to ‘fake his kidnap,’ create an alias (Barnes), and conduct more research. (He probably worked for Muirfield for a while, branched off on his own, stole Muirfield’s research in the process, and found JT’s research on the Web or something.)

Scene 17 ~ Vincent & JT Bro-Talk

|| Fix-a-roo ||

33The only reason Vincent wants to fix Catherine and Gabe’s relationship is because he still feels responsible for Catherine’s happiness. If she can’t be happy with him, he wants to find some way for her to be happy. (he loves her, after all)

Our poor Vincent is suffering; he can’t seem to be happy when she’s with Gabe (contented that Cat’s supposedly happy), and he can’t seem to be happy when she’s not with Gabe because he realized all of the pain he’s caused her and blames himself for everything negative that happens in her life. 😥

34|| Cat’s Graveling ||

I’m going to skip the graveling part, but Gabe had pulled a case file. It had Sam’s name on it as the co-petitioner of some court case…. First off, why bring up that file? As an ADA, he should have looked at the file right after he pulled it, no? Why bring up Sam’s name now, and not earlier? He knew exactly where the file was…. Does anyone else find that strange? My opinion? I think Gabe is trying to frame Sam.

Vincent & Catherine have just entered a frame game.

Sam played with fire; Gabe is just adding fuel to it. Two can play that game, right?

[skipping a scene]

Scene 19 ~ Bum-Bum-Ba-bum!

35|| Obvious Truth ||

Sam: “I’m sorry I messed things up with you and the ADA.”

Yup. You sure did. Thank you Sam! That was very nice of you to do so! 🙂

36|| Flee the Flowers ||

Did anyone else find this scene a bit odd? Why is Vincent out of breath? Could Sam have something on him that dulls Vincent’s senses? Perhaps Sam somehow got ahold of that blasted gem? Vincent wouldn’t have been able to sense it, would’ve he? Vincent claims to have buried it…, but what if there’s more than one? (This could be just me, but just pointing a few thoughts out).

37|| Follow the Yellow-Eyed Beast ||

Gabe sees Vincent leave the group. Could he be following Vincent out of curiosity, or does he already know what’s ‘down’ there? (I know I think Gabe and Sam are at odds with one another, but perhaps both want the same goal (Vincent gone?) so maybe they met up and devised a plan, pretending to be at odds with one another? (I know I’m throwing you guys in different directions, but I normally spit out all my ideas at once. Sorry.)

Scene 20 ~ KABOOM!

38|| Altruism Isn’t Your Style, Gabe ||

Gabe: I don’t think Sam’s planning on faking his own death.

Nope. You are, though.

I swear, something is fishy about this whole thing. Gabe fakes death (he has those sketchy photos taken…). Now, I originally think Gabe was planning on faking his death in Mexico after doing something to Catherine (perhaps killing her?). I don’t think he loves Catherine—I swear, it’s all an act! It has to be! Since Mexico didn’t pan out, he decides to go with his ‘death’ plans and still fake his death. Who knows, maybe those IDs he probably had made will come in handy later. (perhaps he still plans on doing something to Catherine? or, he’ll shift his target to Vincent?) I am legitimately convinced that Gabe is still a beast.

Needless to say, I don’t trust Gabe.

Scene 21 ~ Guilty as Charged

39|| Looks Like You Caught Me, Gabe ||

I think….GABE is the head honcho! Seriously, bear with me, here. The way Gabe was talking to Sam, made it seem like: YOU SCREWED UP! NOW I HAVE TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESS FOR YOU!!!

I know those aren’t the words Gabe had said, but they had to speak in code, right? They wouldn’t have wanted Vincent to hear their real, uncoded conversation, now would they? “You ruined my life, my relationship…” Gabe is pissed off at Sam for making him have to ‘fake’ his death. I’m guessing Gabe got his picture taken for a fake ID as a precaution in case Sam did mess things up (whatever these things were supposed to be).

Maybe Gabe was trying to get Catherine out of the country as Sam tries to kill Vincent. He did, after all, want Vincent at the wedding. Sam needed to speed things up and since Vincent didn’t die at the dungeon the first time around, Sam and Gabe needed to find a DIFFERENT solution.

40|| I’m Gonna Tell on You!||

Gabe threatens to tell on Sam… “You better confess or I’m going to tell everyone the truth about you.”

I think…decoded, Gabe was saying: You better do things right the next time around since I’m faking my death for YOUR LAZY ASS or else, I’m going to RUIN you!

Gabe and Sam know one another—and Gabe knows something about Sam.

(Perhaps Sam is a beast as well—and that he was a part of that orphanage too.)

Okay, the rest of the scenes are irrelevant to my analysis. It isn’t for the fact that I didn’t like them, because I did—(especially the last scene)—but, they aren’t crucial plot changes.

Run down….

  • Dana goes into Wit-Pro (probably for the best).
  • Gabe is dead; Vincent gives him friendly advice (V still isn’t catching on to Gabe’s deceit)
  • Vincent still loves Catherine :3
  • JT and Tess have a nice Valentines moment.
  • Vincent sees Catherine & Gabe kiss and make up…. (to Gabe, it’s probably a fake-up)
  • Vincent walks away, heartbroken but contented that Catherine seems contented. 😥


I thought this episode was well-played! It gave me many ideas and theories to formulate (as you could tell), and it is one that I will constantly be rewatching over and over again!

Based on everything, I give this episode an A-. I thought a few things could have been thought through better (maybe transitioned better), but overall, great episode! 🙂


Beastie Theory EXPLOSION

I posted this on Tumblr a few minutes ago and decided to post it on WordPress:

All right; I’m having ANOTHER theory explosion!!!! If I keep it all in my head, I will explode so that’s why it’s going onto this amazing blog I set up just for convenient purposes like THIS!!! 🙂

So, I finally had some free time tonight to re-watch #BATB 2.12 “Recipe For Disaster,” and there are quite a few things that triggered this explosion.

Okay, I’m going to be honest about something: I NEVER TRUSTED SAM! There! I said it! I know some fans are excited for Sam (Tom E. Scott) and his involvement, but there are a LOT of things in the most recent episode that has led me to believe that our dear Anthropologist, Sam Landon (I’m assuming that’s his last name in the show?), is part of the BIG BAD WOLF faction (see [x] for BBW Faction post reference).

Here are my clues:

1. I saw this picture:


This is when he’s watching JT (Austin Basis) get up…It’s like he’s observing the professor! Creeeeeeeepy! (He is an Anthropologist, remember? That tidbit is important to my argument later down the post).

NOOO! He definitely looks like he’s up to something!

2. I saw this picture:


This is when JT and Barnes are discussing the ‘project’ Barnes wants JT to do. Again, it’s almost like Sam is observing JT…(and he’s giving off some sort of bad vibe with this picture)


This screencap is right after JT was planning on making a synthetic version of the serum.

I have quite a few things to say about this photo….

  • Since when does an ANTHROPOLOGIST know so much about BioChemistry? Why would a faction recruit an ANTHROPOLOGIST to create a serum? (that doesn’t make sense!!!) [That is one reason I believe Sam wasn’t really held captive for five years]
  • Because of the above statement, I am led to believe Sam was intrigued by beasts so he wanted to create the species himself. After all, he is an ANTHROPOLOGIST (need I remind you). Re-creating a species is like finding gold to an anthropologist! If he could re-create it, he’d be able to study it. Non? So…perhaps he freshened up on his BioChemistry during the last 5 years…. Based on what he told JT, he’s already tried creating the serum. Apparently, Sam just wasn’t cut out for the BioChemistry profession.
    (According to this theory, that’s why he would have wanted someone like JT to help him out…; perhaps he knew about Vincent all along, and realized the only way to obtain Vincent (or, in this case, Tori (Amber Skye Noyes) [may she rest in peace]) was to get to JT…and since JT just happened to be a BioChemist, Sam was basically killing 2 birds with one stone…. He needed a con-artist so he could actually get what he wanted. Ever wondered what happened to Tori’s blood??? It didn’t just vanish out of thin air… the whole “I’ve been in this cell for 5 years,” could have only been a ruse to lure JT and Vincent into his ‘mouse-trap.’ (see what I did there?)
  • Sam told JT that Barnes sent a ransom note via text…. Sam’s exact words: “Sent out a ransom; I heard it. You for it.” First of all… that ransom was sent WHILE JT was conscience. If Sam heard it, why didn’t JT? (unless Sam has super-hearing…. (or already knew about it since he’s the BIG MAN IN CHARGE.))
  • Plus…don’t you think it’s weird that Sam keeps on trying to get JT to make the serum??? No matter what JT does to either stall time or fake a serum, Sam tried to get him to complete the darned thing!


Here goes Mr. Observant again…! (this is while JT is putting together the ACTUAL serum). Also, Sam said, “Better than Iwas able to do.” He put emphasis on ‘I’…. and he sounded VERY intrigued. As well as IMPRESSED. Creepy, isn’t it?


Again, Sam is observing every move of JT. Not once does he go to the back to sit down or say, “Wake me up when you’ve finished.” In my opinion, if an ANTHROPOLOGIST was watching a BIOCHEMIST create a serum, it would feel very boring. (that’s just my opinion, though). Sam is obviously VERY WATCHFUL…. Anthropology just SCREAMS at us in all of these photos—Anthropologists observe people; that’s exactly what Poor Unfortunate Sam is doing. He’s observing JT, and is watching him make the serum, ingredient by ingredient. (If I were an evil mastermind, that would be my ultimate plan; I would hide in plain sight, and pretend to be an innocent man…at the same time, I am using my evil skills to better my own craft.) I BET Sam wants to use his knowledge he gathered when watching JT, and create his own serum.

We don’t really know where that serum went, anyway. What if, on Sam’s way out, he grabbed it?

Beasties: But WriterFreak001, if Sam took the serum that JT made, why is Vincent crushing a vial in the promo for BATB 2.13 “Till Death”?

Why! I’m glad you asked!!!!

I think the photo provided by this link might answer your inner questions: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2014/02/beauty-and-the-beast-first-look-gabe-meets-sam-but-why/

My thoughts about the photo? I think Vincent & Catherine will be sent on a wild goose chase looking for Sam’s captor while Sam gets in contact with Gabe to recruit him for something. (and that’s how I think Gabe will come into possession of the vial.)

What do you think about all of this?

Makes your head spin, right?


If I were the head of a BIG BAD WOLF Faction, I wouldn’t put my star prisoner (Sam Landon) in the very front cell for the world to see if, in case, the FBI or NYPD find my secret lair. NOOOO! I would put my prisoner in the waaaaay back where NO ONE would be able to hear him shout for help!!! People would here him!

Now what do you think?