Beastie Theory EXPLOSION

I posted this on Tumblr a few minutes ago and decided to post it on WordPress:

All right; I’m having ANOTHER theory explosion!!!! If I keep it all in my head, I will explode so that’s why it’s going onto this amazing blog I set up just for convenient purposes like THIS!!! 🙂

So, I finally had some free time tonight to re-watch #BATB 2.12 “Recipe For Disaster,” and there are quite a few things that triggered this explosion.

Okay, I’m going to be honest about something: I NEVER TRUSTED SAM! There! I said it! I know some fans are excited for Sam (Tom E. Scott) and his involvement, but there are a LOT of things in the most recent episode that has led me to believe that our dear Anthropologist, Sam Landon (I’m assuming that’s his last name in the show?), is part of the BIG BAD WOLF faction (see [x] for BBW Faction post reference).

Here are my clues:

1. I saw this picture:


This is when he’s watching JT (Austin Basis) get up…It’s like he’s observing the professor! Creeeeeeeepy! (He is an Anthropologist, remember? That tidbit is important to my argument later down the post).

NOOO! He definitely looks like he’s up to something!

2. I saw this picture:


This is when JT and Barnes are discussing the ‘project’ Barnes wants JT to do. Again, it’s almost like Sam is observing JT…(and he’s giving off some sort of bad vibe with this picture)


This screencap is right after JT was planning on making a synthetic version of the serum.

I have quite a few things to say about this photo….

  • Since when does an ANTHROPOLOGIST know so much about BioChemistry? Why would a faction recruit an ANTHROPOLOGIST to create a serum? (that doesn’t make sense!!!) [That is one reason I believe Sam wasn’t really held captive for five years]
  • Because of the above statement, I am led to believe Sam was intrigued by beasts so he wanted to create the species himself. After all, he is an ANTHROPOLOGIST (need I remind you). Re-creating a species is like finding gold to an anthropologist! If he could re-create it, he’d be able to study it. Non? So…perhaps he freshened up on his BioChemistry during the last 5 years…. Based on what he told JT, he’s already tried creating the serum. Apparently, Sam just wasn’t cut out for the BioChemistry profession.
    (According to this theory, that’s why he would have wanted someone like JT to help him out…; perhaps he knew about Vincent all along, and realized the only way to obtain Vincent (or, in this case, Tori (Amber Skye Noyes) [may she rest in peace]) was to get to JT…and since JT just happened to be a BioChemist, Sam was basically killing 2 birds with one stone…. He needed a con-artist so he could actually get what he wanted. Ever wondered what happened to Tori’s blood??? It didn’t just vanish out of thin air… the whole “I’ve been in this cell for 5 years,” could have only been a ruse to lure JT and Vincent into his ‘mouse-trap.’ (see what I did there?)
  • Sam told JT that Barnes sent a ransom note via text…. Sam’s exact words: “Sent out a ransom; I heard it. You for it.” First of all… that ransom was sent WHILE JT was conscience. If Sam heard it, why didn’t JT? (unless Sam has super-hearing…. (or already knew about it since he’s the BIG MAN IN CHARGE.))
  • Plus…don’t you think it’s weird that Sam keeps on trying to get JT to make the serum??? No matter what JT does to either stall time or fake a serum, Sam tried to get him to complete the darned thing!


Here goes Mr. Observant again…! (this is while JT is putting together the ACTUAL serum). Also, Sam said, “Better than Iwas able to do.” He put emphasis on ‘I’…. and he sounded VERY intrigued. As well as IMPRESSED. Creepy, isn’t it?


Again, Sam is observing every move of JT. Not once does he go to the back to sit down or say, “Wake me up when you’ve finished.” In my opinion, if an ANTHROPOLOGIST was watching a BIOCHEMIST create a serum, it would feel very boring. (that’s just my opinion, though). Sam is obviously VERY WATCHFUL…. Anthropology just SCREAMS at us in all of these photos—Anthropologists observe people; that’s exactly what Poor Unfortunate Sam is doing. He’s observing JT, and is watching him make the serum, ingredient by ingredient. (If I were an evil mastermind, that would be my ultimate plan; I would hide in plain sight, and pretend to be an innocent man…at the same time, I am using my evil skills to better my own craft.) I BET Sam wants to use his knowledge he gathered when watching JT, and create his own serum.

We don’t really know where that serum went, anyway. What if, on Sam’s way out, he grabbed it?

Beasties: But WriterFreak001, if Sam took the serum that JT made, why is Vincent crushing a vial in the promo for BATB 2.13 “Till Death”?

Why! I’m glad you asked!!!!

I think the photo provided by this link might answer your inner questions:

My thoughts about the photo? I think Vincent & Catherine will be sent on a wild goose chase looking for Sam’s captor while Sam gets in contact with Gabe to recruit him for something. (and that’s how I think Gabe will come into possession of the vial.)

What do you think about all of this?

Makes your head spin, right?


If I were the head of a BIG BAD WOLF Faction, I wouldn’t put my star prisoner (Sam Landon) in the very front cell for the world to see if, in case, the FBI or NYPD find my secret lair. NOOOO! I would put my prisoner in the waaaaay back where NO ONE would be able to hear him shout for help!!! People would here him!

Now what do you think?


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