Beastie Theory EXPLOSION

I posted this on Tumblr a few minutes ago and decided to post it on WordPress:

All right; I’m having ANOTHER theory explosion!!!! If I keep it all in my head, I will explode so that’s why it’s going onto this amazing blog I set up just for convenient purposes like THIS!!! 🙂

So, I finally had some free time tonight to re-watch #BATB 2.12 “Recipe For Disaster,” and there are quite a few things that triggered this explosion.

Okay, I’m going to be honest about something: I NEVER TRUSTED SAM! There! I said it! I know some fans are excited for Sam (Tom E. Scott) and his involvement, but there are a LOT of things in the most recent episode that has led me to believe that our dear Anthropologist, Sam Landon (I’m assuming that’s his last name in the show?), is part of the BIG BAD WOLF faction (see [x] for BBW Faction post reference).

Here are my clues:

1. I saw this picture:


This is when he’s watching JT (Austin Basis) get up…It’s like he’s observing the professor! Creeeeeeeepy! (He is an Anthropologist, remember? That tidbit is important to my argument later down the post).

NOOO! He definitely looks like he’s up to something!

2. I saw this picture:


This is when JT and Barnes are discussing the ‘project’ Barnes wants JT to do. Again, it’s almost like Sam is observing JT…(and he’s giving off some sort of bad vibe with this picture)


This screencap is right after JT was planning on making a synthetic version of the serum.

I have quite a few things to say about this photo….

  • Since when does an ANTHROPOLOGIST know so much about BioChemistry? Why would a faction recruit an ANTHROPOLOGIST to create a serum? (that doesn’t make sense!!!) [That is one reason I believe Sam wasn’t really held captive for five years]
  • Because of the above statement, I am led to believe Sam was intrigued by beasts so he wanted to create the species himself. After all, he is an ANTHROPOLOGIST (need I remind you). Re-creating a species is like finding gold to an anthropologist! If he could re-create it, he’d be able to study it. Non? So…perhaps he freshened up on his BioChemistry during the last 5 years…. Based on what he told JT, he’s already tried creating the serum. Apparently, Sam just wasn’t cut out for the BioChemistry profession.
    (According to this theory, that’s why he would have wanted someone like JT to help him out…; perhaps he knew about Vincent all along, and realized the only way to obtain Vincent (or, in this case, Tori (Amber Skye Noyes) [may she rest in peace]) was to get to JT…and since JT just happened to be a BioChemist, Sam was basically killing 2 birds with one stone…. He needed a con-artist so he could actually get what he wanted. Ever wondered what happened to Tori’s blood??? It didn’t just vanish out of thin air… the whole “I’ve been in this cell for 5 years,” could have only been a ruse to lure JT and Vincent into his ‘mouse-trap.’ (see what I did there?)
  • Sam told JT that Barnes sent a ransom note via text…. Sam’s exact words: “Sent out a ransom; I heard it. You for it.” First of all… that ransom was sent WHILE JT was conscience. If Sam heard it, why didn’t JT? (unless Sam has super-hearing…. (or already knew about it since he’s the BIG MAN IN CHARGE.))
  • Plus…don’t you think it’s weird that Sam keeps on trying to get JT to make the serum??? No matter what JT does to either stall time or fake a serum, Sam tried to get him to complete the darned thing!


Here goes Mr. Observant again…! (this is while JT is putting together the ACTUAL serum). Also, Sam said, “Better than Iwas able to do.” He put emphasis on ‘I’…. and he sounded VERY intrigued. As well as IMPRESSED. Creepy, isn’t it?


Again, Sam is observing every move of JT. Not once does he go to the back to sit down or say, “Wake me up when you’ve finished.” In my opinion, if an ANTHROPOLOGIST was watching a BIOCHEMIST create a serum, it would feel very boring. (that’s just my opinion, though). Sam is obviously VERY WATCHFUL…. Anthropology just SCREAMS at us in all of these photos—Anthropologists observe people; that’s exactly what Poor Unfortunate Sam is doing. He’s observing JT, and is watching him make the serum, ingredient by ingredient. (If I were an evil mastermind, that would be my ultimate plan; I would hide in plain sight, and pretend to be an innocent man…at the same time, I am using my evil skills to better my own craft.) I BET Sam wants to use his knowledge he gathered when watching JT, and create his own serum.

We don’t really know where that serum went, anyway. What if, on Sam’s way out, he grabbed it?

Beasties: But WriterFreak001, if Sam took the serum that JT made, why is Vincent crushing a vial in the promo for BATB 2.13 “Till Death”?

Why! I’m glad you asked!!!!

I think the photo provided by this link might answer your inner questions:

My thoughts about the photo? I think Vincent & Catherine will be sent on a wild goose chase looking for Sam’s captor while Sam gets in contact with Gabe to recruit him for something. (and that’s how I think Gabe will come into possession of the vial.)

What do you think about all of this?

Makes your head spin, right?


If I were the head of a BIG BAD WOLF Faction, I wouldn’t put my star prisoner (Sam Landon) in the very front cell for the world to see if, in case, the FBI or NYPD find my secret lair. NOOOO! I would put my prisoner in the waaaaay back where NO ONE would be able to hear him shout for help!!! People would here him!

Now what do you think?


BATB Theories

Catherine Chandler [2.09 DDOM] (1)

BATB Theories

So…I just thought of this and thought I would share in case you would like to comment on my ideas.

Read more for future season spoilers & theories

I read in an interview ( that Muirfield was just the front of a larger corporation creating beasts. Let’s say the BIG BAD WOLF faction (see for BBW reference) was also a part of this larger corporation (since they didn’t seem to know about Vincent Keller). Anyway, the interview said that the creators of the Beast cocktail (no matter what faction they were from) were trying to recreate a species that has been extinct for centuries.

My theories: 

  • Gabe is still a beast—his beast is just taking a nap as it tries to recover.
  • Catherine has SOMETHING coded into her DNA that connects her to Vincent. Perhaps Vanessa Chandler wanted to protect her…. So Mother Dearest may have done something to her DNA to ensure that she would always have a protector (aka Vincent). No matter how hard they try to stay away from each other, they can’t.
  • But if Vincent was written into her DNA somehow, why didn’t he confront her after he saved her (he couldn’t help it, right?)? Good question! ^_^ Perhaps it wasn’t Vincent who was written into her DNA. Maybe she had some sort of Beasty pheromone encoded into her DNA, and Vincent happened to be the lucky beastard who came into her life first. I think he sensed her when he saved her, but since he was afraid she would repulse him, he kept his distance in Season 1, but always watched over her. When they finally made physical contact, methinks THAT is when the attraction multiplied tenfold. The moment they first touched, Catherine was etched into Vincent’s very soul. (Call it an imprint if you will)  [Please note that I hate Twilight; I just had no other term to describe the theory.]
  • Perhaps HITLER was secretly a part of this BBW faction (or even a Big WORSE Wolf Faction) and THAT is why he was in search of the Aryan race? PERHAPS, this BEASTLY RACE WAS THE ARYAN RACE?!?!?!?! But each of Hitler’s test subjects failed to give him the results he wanted.

A lot to think on…that’s all I have right now! What do you think?

BATB’s 2.09 “Don’t Die On Me” Context Clues Analysis & Theories


Hello Beasties!

I have watched Beauty & the Beast‘s 2.09 “Don’t Die On Me” three times now, and wanted to share with you some things I have uncovered by paying attention to the context clues spoken by our characters.

As Tori and Vincent walk into JT’s place, Tori tells the professor that Catherine had shot Vincent. 

~Vincent’s response: “It’s not that bad.” 

My analysis: 

Vincent is defending Catherine because he doesn’t want JT or Tori to blame her for shooting him. (He may not realize it at the time, but he still cares for her)

Tori is tending to Vincent’s wound and says, “Like it or not, we’re in this together.” 

My analysis:

Tori isn’t as shallow as many beasties believed her to be. She recognizes Vincent’s brotherly feelings towards her. She knows he inwardly loves Catherine even if he is still denying it. Besides, Tori, if anything, has pride. She doesn’t seem like the one to purposely drive a wedge between Vincent and Catherine. In my opinion, she wouldn’t want to be that girl. 

Reader: But what about the kiss in Episode 2.07 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

WF001: They had a strange reaction issue…. By now, it’s obvious Tori and Vincent are over that. (plus, Vincent needed to force Catherine out of his life AND FAST due to Reynolds’s threat! How else was he supposed to get her angry at him?)

Catherine: “Whatever you’re thinking, forget it. I am not dragging you down with me on this. I won’t let you. 

Gabe: “You won’t let me? Try and stop me! Look Catherine, I didn’t just set out to save Vincent. I set out to save you too, and I obviously haven’t done that yet. And, I’m going to whether you like it or not.” 

My analysis:

Gabe realizes Catherine only thinks of him as a FRIEND. Just because he’s willing to be there for her, doesn’t mean he’s set out on ruining her relationship with Vincent. True, things with Vincent aren’t too hot right now, and Gabe knows that. However, did you see him jumping at the chance to ask Catherine out or tell her his feelings? Nope! I didn’t! Gabe may have fallen for her (or maybe he thinks he likes her but what he actually feels is indebtedness. She *did* save him after all.) Gabe is loyal, if anything, to Catherine. I respect him for not bombarding Catherine’s life and asking her out. She needs time, and he has accepted that. He also is willing to wait (much like Evan), but I believe Gabe doesn’t think Catherine’s relationship with Vincent is over.

Catherine: “But would you rather die here or take a risk out there?” 
Vincent: It’s a risk either way! Not for you, *maybe not anymore*, but for me it is.” 

My Analysis: 

That word, “maybe,” is very powerful. Basically, Vincent second-guessed himself. If he had this conversation with Catherine at the beginning of the episode when she told him he shouldn’t blame her for shooting him, he most likely wouldn’t have included this little maybe-clause.

This maybe-clause hints to the audience (or it should, anyway) that Vincent is slowly regaining his hope in his relationship with Catherine. He might not realize it yet, but he is. It’s no doubt that he still cares for her (as she still cares for him). I swear, if he was in that antique store when Laura Scott (Hayley Webb, Teen Wolf) threatened to kill Catherine, he would have gone bonkers. Luckily, he wasn’t there at that point or else he would have been in worse condition than in the actual situation.

Vincent: “I am the one who suffers the consequences when this whole thing blows up in my face.” 

My Analysis: 

Our Vincent is slowly coming back!!!! 🙂 Back in S1, Vincent was vulnerable and scared of coming out of hiding. He was afraid of what Muirfield could do. At the beginning of S2, he was basically a robot. He wasn’t really scared of anything (until Catherine came back into his life and slowly started helping him regain his humanity). I think, Catherine’s shot to his gut, brought his humanity back more than anything. It opened a box of emotions that were locked up for a very long time. Now, that he admits he’s scared of venturing into the world, he’s admitting a human emotion he lacked for a very long time. 🙂

Agent (or shall I say, Former Agent) Robert Reynolds: “I saved her…from things like you…” 

My Analysis: 

I think Daddy Dearest knows more than he’s letting on. There’s something deeper than just protecting Catherine from beasts. I think….I think Reynolds knows something about the mythology behind Catherine and Vincent. I believe that’s why he brainwashed the poor guy in the first place! He wanted Vincent to forget about Catherine, kill beasts and then die. However, when Catherine came back into Vincent’s life, that thwarted Daddy Reynolds’s plans. So, I think Reynolds knows something about Vincent and Catherine’s relationship—and that’s why he wanted Vincent dead. So Vincent could stay away from Catherine for all eternity. (FAT CHANCE OF THAT EVER HAPPENING!!! HA!) I mean, come on, Vincent and Catherine’s current (AND VERY BRIEF) separation DEFIES the laws of the universe!!!


PPCH ( & my theories: 

  • Daddy Warbucks (I mean Windsor) was affiliated with the BIG BAD WOLF (unknown faction that knows about beasts). We think, after his Muirfield cocktail, the powers weren’t enough for him. He wanted more. With his money and power, he probably paid another group (the BIG BAD WOLF) to create a beasty booster—something to enhance his beastliness. THAT’s why the Laura & Company (affiliated with the BBW) knew about Kurt Windsor’s beast.
  • Tori wasn’t born with Beast! Tori had surgery a while back to get that tracker put in her. We believe that tracker was used as a precaution. It was clear, no matter how twisted Kurt Windsor was, that he loved Tori. Perhaps he had the BBW give Tori some of that cocktail during her surgery! (That’s why she JUST discovers that she’s a beast!)
  • Reynolds knows something about the BBW  Vincent certainly got revamped during his capture. Who is to say Reynolds didn’t invest in the BBW’s resources? That would explain how Vincent & Tori had some sort of physical reaction with one another. They both would have part of the same cocktail.
  • Vincent remembers more than he’s letting on/ he remembers more than we originally thought. He told Tori that “all he knows how to do is hide.” THAT IS A MAJOR MEMORY CLUE!!!! He remembers that he was in hiding. Sure, someone might have told him that he went into hiding, but that emotion? It wouldn’t have been there if he didn’t remember it.

Okay, that’s all I have! 🙂 

I hope you enjoyed my babble!

Please let me know what your thoughts are!!!

Pick Your Top TWO Favorite CW Shows!

I’m curious to where the fans devote their love to. 🙂

Vote away! 🙂

More Intense than the Flames Themselves

Hothead - 002

More Intense than the Flames Themselves

Written by: WriterFreak001



I know I keep saying this every episode but damn! Beauty and the Beast episode 2.04 “Hothead” was by far the best episode of the season! I feel like “Hothead” was essentially what Beasties were waiting for all season long. I don’t feel like I can do the episode any justice by simply describing it into words like intense or romantic or epically epic. Literally, there are no words to describe “Hothead” because, in my opinion, it fed me 24/26 Vegetable Soup alphabet noodles and can almost be described as perfect. However, I did say the episode only gave me 24 out of 26 letters–the only two letters that were missing from the episode were “J” and “T”. Can you guess why?!?!?!

Catherine & Tess [2.04 HH] (1)

Based on the episode’s context clues, it has been a month since the ending of episode 2.03 “Liar, Liar.” Cat has done some meditation and taken some kick boxing classes in order to keep her mind off of Vincent for the past four weeks. As “Hothead” starts off, Catherine and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) are ready to have some girl time and take a break from beasts–especially a certain beast named Vincent.

“Vincent who?”

Meanwhile, as the girls start their GNO (Girls’ Night Out), Vincent is desperately trying to keep his mind off of a certain cat–and no, it isn’t one with four paws and with whiskers. We see him working out (THANK GOD) as he is talking to Condor a.k.a. FBI Agent Bob Reynolds (Guest star: Ted Whittall) over the phone. One thing is easy to tell: Vincent is PISSED off! He wants to finish Reynolds’s list ASAP because in his mind, the faster he completes his missions, the sooner he can start his relationship back up with Catherine without having to lie to her (but really, would Condor/ Reynolds actually let Vincent off the hook once he’s done with these missions?? Methinks not!!).

I have to say something because I know every fan-girl reading this review definitely agrees with me:

An Angry Vincent beast = An very SEXY Vincent Beast. 🙂

Don’t believe me? Maybe these will help solidify my claim:

Vincent Keller [2.04 HH] (2)

Vincent Keller [2.04 HH] (3)However, for those who have seen the episode, we all know that Vincent wasn’t the ONLY one to go CODE YELLOW on someone.

Our dear Catherine was having a great time with Tess but, as anyone should expect, things don’t end very well. She gets hit on by a drunk and when several verbal warnings aren’t enough, she decides to shove his stupidity back into his face. LITERALLY. O.O And you’d think one violent act would be enough but not for Catherine Chandler! She bitch-slaps D-Bag’s friend in the face and kicks off the episode with extreme intensity by whacking her foot into Judge Gavin’s face.

Talk about explosion!

Catherine Chandler [2.04 HH] (2) Catherine Chandler [2.04 HH] (3) Catherine Chandler [2.04 HH] (4)

And we can tell that Tess tried to warn her!

Tess Vargas [2.04 HH] (1)(By the way, I’m just getting started with this review b/c I have a LOT to say!!!)

Moving on, Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) has to bail Cat and Tess out of jail and wasn’t thoroughly happy about it. However, he still managed to sneak in a snarky comment, causing Tess to smirk a little (budding romance in the future??? Your thoughts?).

 “Trouble is getting a flat tire! You flattened a judge!” Catherine & Tess [2.04 HH] (2)

To summarize the next few scenes, we have Gabe suggesting a theory to Cat, Cat declining this theory, Gabe going to see Vincent so he can introduce his theory (behind Cat’s back of course) and Sexy Mr. Vincent is still way too pissed off to even consider Gabe’s theory even though he did say he was interested. Then again, he was probably only Interested because he wanted another beast to eliminate. Vincent Keller [2.04 HH] (4)

Then, his pissed off attitude causes him to be irrational and impulsive. He leaps into the fire and acts like he owns the place as he confronts the Flame Beast a.k.a. Arsonist Eddie Long (Vladimir Jon Cubrt). Because his anger was clouding his judgment, he gets himself torched by the Flame Beast and ends up in the hospital (which unfortunately interrupts Cat from her heavenly massage!).

We all know what happens from there: he meets his nephew, he has a few flashbacks, he beasts out, jumps out a window, complains to Condor about his flashback issue and finds Catherine waiting for him at his houseboat. Of course she’s there! Just when he thinks he should stay away from memory-catalysts, she–of all people–ambushes him inside his own home. LOL And we learn something about Vincent we’ve never learned before: Vincent was a fire fighter?! Vincent Keller [2.04 HH] (5)

 Talk about a shocker!!! O.O

Let’s not forget his nephew, Aaron Keller (Bryan DeChart): Capture

All in all, I thought the writers did an EXCELLENT job again! This episode was definitely owned by Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) and Ryan’s performance was flawless (but when is it not? lol). I was a little disappointed that Austin Basis did not star in this episode but regardless, “Hothead” was just under perfect. Bravo! 🙂

And we finally get our VINCAT kiss (not much to say other than it was another perfect VINCAT kiss! :D)

Here’s a picture to appease the readers:Vincent & Catherine [2.04 HH] (3)

I feel like I’ve spoiled a lot (I know, shame on me) but I really loved this episode!!! It was pure genius! The ending was perfect and very touching! In case no one has seen the tweets / Facebook posts, Beauty and the Beast is the second television show to ever cast a scene with the World Trade Center memorial. And for no. 2, the scene was very touching as it should be.

Vincent & Catherine [2.04 HH] (1) Vincent & Catherine [2.04 HH] (2)

I really hope I did the episode justice because by far, it was the best episode BATB has offered and I have no doubts that the writers will give us even better episodes. Congratulations to the cast for presenting a great episode!

Watch Beauty and the Beast on Mondays at 9/8 c. on the CW. Missed an episode or want to re-watch them because you love them so much? Visit and watch them online! 🙂

What are your thoughts on “Hothead?” Is there anything you’d like to see me include for future reviews? Please let me know! 😀


Hothead - 001

A Good Cringe

Disclaimer: I do not own BATB, I just love writing about it.

Disclaimer #2: All images are owned by the CW.


A Good Cringe



Before watching Beauty and the Beast “Liar, Liar,” I was a little worried about the episode. Being a HUGE VinCat shipper, I cringe as Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) slowly drift apart. However, after seeing the episode several times after its airing, I can definitely say the CW outdid themselves once again! 🙂

Before you get any presumptions about my cringing habits, let me clarify a few things first:

This cringe is a GOOD cringe! Well, the feeling isn’t good but the fact that I am cringing, is…well, it’s good! 🙂 Okay, so that didn’t really make sense, did it? What I mean is: the fact that BATB is making me feel a strong emotion at all is quite an accomplishment. Growing up, I have always watched a lot of TV (more than I probably should have) and when couples from TV shows fall apart or when something dramatic happens like a main character death, I normally could care less. To me, all of the other shows are just…well…just shows. But, for some reason, I connect to Beauty and the Beast. The cringing feeling definitely does NOT drive me away from the series. In fact, it makes me want to see more! I want to know if Vincent and Catherine can overcome this major bump in their relationship. Obviously they will because, well, in case you’ve forgotten, ahem, the show is called “Beauty and the Beast.” ^_^ So, the fact that Catherine and Vincent will come back together is a damn giveaway but it isn’t the result that lures me to the plot. It’s the sequence of events.  HOW will Vincent and Catherine get back together? WHEN will they get back together? WHAT does Vincent do in order to win Catherine’s heart back? WHAT does Catherine do to force Vincent to gravel on his knees (metaphorically speaking, of course…though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Vincent working his ass of to win her heart back…he obviously didn’t do enough of that in season one after the dark episodes with Alex (Bridget Regan).

Anyway, before I get too much off on a tangent, I would like to redirect your focus to the most recent episode, “Liar, Liar.” The first scene between Catherine and Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) was in a way, touching, but also relieving. Heather is thinking about moving away  (Nicole Gale Anderson has a new gig with ABC’s Ravenwood) and Catherine finds this new information completely shocking. Aside from a mysterious sperm-donor, Heather is all Catherine has left in her family.

Heather Chandler_2.03_LL (01)  So, of course, Catherine would take Heather’s *first* news as a surprise–especially since their ‘father’ had just died. I’m glad this scene was the first of many Cat/Heather scenes of the episode. We obviously haven’t seen that in a while….

Best Heather Line: “Yeah…. People are going to think you have an abusive boyfriend.”

After a little bit of sisterly love, we have some bromance time between Vincent and JT (Austin Basis). I, for one, was actually surprised there even was a Vincent & JT scene–especially because Vincent and JT aren’t living together anymore. However, despite my shock, I was thrilled. I, for one, always loved the Vincent and JT interactions and even though Vincent has lost his memory, their interactions are gold. Like Season 1, old habits die hard because we see Vincent opening up to JT and they eventually have a little heart-to-heart conversation–something they shared throughout the first season. Picture yourself in Vincent’s shoes: you don’t really know who you are (other than what people have told you) and your supposed girlfriend and best friend are trying to reach out to you. Even if you aren’t accepting at first, eventually, like Vincent, you will start opening up to them.

Vincent Keller_2.05_LL (01)We automatically start seeing Vincent open up to Catherine (ergo sex in Episode 2.02 “Kidnapped”) but until the most recent episode, the bromance wasn’t happening. I’m glad Vincent found the courage (if he even needed any) to talk to JT even though he still doesn’t remember him. The instant he admitted to hurting Catherine, I couldn’t help but want to hop into the TV and give both Vincent and JT a big hug. Vincent still looked devastated and JT was incredibly shocked…and I’m not talking about fear or surprise. JT’s reaction to Vincent’s confession sent me chills. I literally held my breath when JT said, “Like…physically?”

Now, I’m not going to go through every scene and talk about the highlights but if there is ONE thing I’d like to say about Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello), it would be that I can see a shipment (?) in the future! Why else would these two characters be suddenly teamed together (quite often too) within this episode? Also, you could smell their flirtation with one another from your couch! I know there are some JT&T shippers out there but I’m sorry, I don’t ship that. :/ Yes, JT and Tess can have heart-to-hearts and I’m sure the writers might play with that pairing for an episode or two but I don’t think it will actually work as a thing. Sorry.

What REALLY surprised me was that JT Forbes (no offense Austin Basis) did not have the best lines of the episode! I did love his one-liner “Maybe he just wants to see you in a swimsuit.” but the other characters, in my opinion, had the funnier lines! However, JT did have some heartfelt lines with Vincent (which I’m glad b/c it shows he isn’t just snark) but, to be honest, the best lines award must go to Gabe and Tess!

Gabe: “Hi? That’s your big idea?”

Gabe: “Your partner wants to go undercover, pretend she’s [Vincent’s] girlfriend, even though she is his girlfriend, even though he doesn’t remember that.”

Gabe: “I’m not saying that Vincent’s laptop wouldn’t be helpful right now, but he’s a human polygraph.” (my only comment: V isn’t a human though)

Tess & Gabe_2.03_LL (01)Tess: “I don’t know if I’m relieved or disturbed.”

Tess: “Like that ever works.”

Tess: “Right, a don’t ask, don’t tell investigation”

Those are my top three faves for each character but, I’m telling you, there’s more of them! 🙂 Kudos to Sendhil and Nina! 🙂


sebastian Sebastian (David de Lautour) by far was the best beast (aside from V of course) yet! His magic really enhanced his skills and I actually liked the fact that Sebastian was actually a challenge for Vincent! If Vincent could defeat all of the beasts as if he was breaking crayons, the show wouldn’t be as interesting and would turn out to be too predictable. Obviously, that’s not the case, is it?



Vincent Keller_2.05_LL (02)

I have one thought on the elevator scene: IT’S ABOUT TIME VINCENT KELLER REMEMBERED SOMETHING! There, I said it. It’s done. It happened. I’m over it now. Let’s proceed, shall we?



Vincent & Catherine_2.03_LL (01)At the end of the episode, I was deeply moved. I know some Beasties were probably pissed off because Catherine closed the window on Vincent but seriously, he damn-right deserved it! If I were ever dating and my boyfriend ever lied to me, I would definitely slap his face and turn the opposite way too! Catherine’s reaction wasn’t uncommon and if she came running back into his arms instead of closing the window, the situation would not have seemed believable. And yes, I did cringe at this scene but again, it was certainly a good cringe! 🙂 So therefore, I loved Catherine’s reaction and am psyched for the next episode!

We all know why the most recent episode was called ‘Liar, Liar.” Now, I’m anxious to find out why Vincent’s pants are on fire! O.O

I have much more I could say about this episode but I think I’ve covered the highlights. So, I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy review and remember: Beauty and the Beast airs on MONDAYS at 9/8 c. on the CW.

My CONDENSED Version to Why I Think People Should Watch CW’s “Beauty and the Beast”



If I wanted to, I could write pages and pages of reasons why I think CW’s Beauty and the Beast is a phenomenal show. However, since my goal is not to scare readers away from BATB, I’ll keep my answer clean and concise. (note: for me, this answer IS clean and concise)

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

First of all, if you are rolling your eyes because you think BATB is a sappy romance show, you’ve got another thing coming! Yes, I admit, the show does have romantic elements (some heavier than other shows) but BATB is not all about the romance. It is about daily struggles, life-changing moments, intense action, suspense, mystery and more! I won’t give any spoilers because I don’t want to give away the entire series but it’s definitely worth watching! You get the whole package!

For the hopeless romantics out there (like me): This show will have struggles and if you watch it, there will be times you will want to throw your screen out of the window (yes, I have contemplated that several times) but what relationship doesn’t have its struggles? If you fall away from the show simply because the romance department is either too slow for you or not working in your favor, please give the show a chance! It definitely pays off in the end! Believe me! You’re not alone for wanting to ship two characters together and yet the shipment (?) doesn’t work in your favor. :/

As I have mentioned in a lot of reviews for the show, what drew me in wasn’t the romance. It wasn’t the mythology or the fact that the show casts a really sexy guy (a.k.a. Jay Ryan).

Please view and drool before I continue! 🙂

Vincent Keller 05_SR (1) Vincent Keller 05_SR (7) Vincent Keller 09_BU (12) Vincent Keller 15_AMP (2) Vincent Keller 16_I (7) Vincent Keller 19_PwF (15) Vincent Keller 20_A (17) Vincent Keller 21_DN (2)

Before I go one with this explanation, I would like to direct you to a video if you need more proof that Jay Ryan is literally one of the sexiest men on the planet:

Okay…enough with the Jay Ryan Visual Appreciation Demonstration, here’s the rest of the article:

What drew me in was the interaction between the characters. Relationships (from romantic to bromantic) are really important in this series. I’m not sure if there really is an episode that doesn’t deal with relationships in some way. And no, I’m not talking about on-screen chemistry in case you were thinking that. The relationships behind these characters made me want to learn more about them.

I think I’ve made my case in explaining why I think more people should watch CW’s Beauty and the Beast. If you’re not sure if you want to give the show a chance, please just watch the first five episodes; the whole first season is on Netflix. If you still don’t want to watch BATB after watching the first five episodes, I’m sorry for you because you would be missing out on a GREAT show!

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 plays Monday nights at 9/ 8c on the CW. The first three episodes as of now (10/22/2013) are posted on the CW website under Beauty and the Beast.