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Defending the Beast

Defending the Beast

Because my comment was very long, the site would not let me add all of it so I am going to be posting the whole shebang right here!!! 🙂

Before you read my comment below, please click on the link: Defending the Beast (this is a title I came up with for my comment) and read the review written by Carissa Pavlica to understand my comment.


“I understand your dissatisfaction with “Beauty and the Beast”‘s season finale but Gabe’s second thoughts about killing Vincent are very natural. He’s lived by the law as an ADA so it would only seem fit for him to struggle with the final decision to kill Vincent. In the end, he decides to go for it because he wants the same thing Vincent wants with Catherine, a future whether or not it was with Tyler. Tyler, in my opinion, doesn’t want to see Gabe die. She simply reminded him that he cannot take his pills anymore because it’ll kill him. She also told him that killing Vincent would be an immediate solution to his problem and since he wants a normal life more than anything, he listens to her reasoning and finalizes his decision on killing Vincent.

Haven’t you thought that the part concerning Tess’s statement, “We have another problem” might be a cliff hanger within the episode itself?

Of course questions won’t be answered all of the time but I believe Tess’s statement was answered in the events alone with Catherine’s REAL father showing up at the scene. He was the man on that iPad, remember?

Also, I believe that the BatB writers purposely had Muirfield showing up last minute and leaving out details like: How did they know where to go? Were they really only after Gabe? Or did they know about Vincent too because the brought the net?

I have faith in the BatB writers and believe they will answer all of our prolonging questions in Season 2 because they have yet to upset me thus far with the season. As far as I’m concerned, each episode has risen with questions and the next episode has ALWAYS answered them. I believe Season 2 will be greater and better than the first season because “Beauty and the Beast” have so many places to go to since they left many things open in the Season Finale.

Questions will be answered. I’m sure of it so please do not lose faith in the BatB writers.”


After reading my comment and about defending our Beast, please leave a comment and let me know if you agree with me or if you agree with Carissa.